Directed by:W.Ellington Felton and Jason Orr
guest starring: Sy Smith, Eric Roberson, Russell Taylor, and visitors of the 2009 International Soul Summit in ATL.

“Get Away” is the 1st single off of Chinah Blac’s “Introducing Eugenia Shata”.

About ChinahBlac:
The legend of Chinahblac has long been one of waiting for soul music fans. We discovered the voice long before we knew anything about the artist. After making a name for herself in the background, supporting such acts as Erykah Badu, Dave Matthews, and Jill Scott, the soul music world wondered when the Newark, New Jersey native would record her own solo project. The wait is officially over, as Chinahblac is officially a solo artist, with the much of her debut CD, Introducing: Eugenia Shata and the anticipated release of her new mixtape, “EARGASMIC” by DJ Conscience feat. R.Devaughn, Musiq, Wes Felton, Black Ice, Eshon Burgundy and more.