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In 2007 pre-release of the single, Can’t Tell Him No (included on the Sweet Fruit EP, 2008, 1st Mind Entertainment), was warmly received.  Can’t Tell Him No earned me the No. 1 Independent Artist and Song for all of November 2007 on the Vibe/BP Music page, garnering thousands of ongoing fans, personal page ad-ons and listens from the US (particularly the Deep South and East Coast) and across the globe. To date, the Sweet Fruit EP continues to be purchased and downloaded by music lovers from places as far-flung as the US, Germany, France, Amsterdam, South Africa and Australia. In June of 2008, Can’t Tell Him No spent the month in the Top 20 of French FM station RadioLaser, remaining in regular rotation for the rest of the year, and has also been in regular rotation on New York’s Rhythm & Soul Radio for the past two years.  “We just didn’t want to let it go,” Program Director Marko Nobles confessed to me at the Life & Soul Promotions‘  Independent Soul Mixer held March 2009 in Harlem. The song was also a favorite on Afternoon Groove Radio, Dread Daze, and other popular podcasts.

In the midst of all this activity, Phil Driver, of UK label Soul Unsigned, discovered me on myspace and kindly began playing my music on his various international radio shows.  Beginning in early 2008, listeners of KISS FM in Sweden, Solar Radio in the UK, and a number of other stations across the globe were first introduced to my music. The songs got such a great response that Phil decided to include his personal favorite, Tongue Tide, on his compilation “Contemporary Soul Songbook No. 1,” released in August 2009, and featured on BBC Radio, Starpoint Radio and Solar Radio, among many others.  Although recorded way back in 1996, Tongue Tide caught the ear of a number of established DJs in the UK, as well as program directors for radio stations such as KAZI in Austin, Texas, who put Tongue Tide into regular rotation.   A number of reviewers and DJs expressed surprise that they had never even heard of the song before.  Said SoulTracks, “Having listened to the track 20 times… I am still hypnotized by the smoky vocals that at times remind me of Chaka Khan… This for me is an example of what timeless soulful music is about, a breath of fresh air…”  Tongue Tide is also included in the Best Undisovered R&B Soul compilation released in January 2010 by Singapore/Malaysian Record Label EQ Music.

Thanks to the help of UK indie promoter Godfrey Fletcher and Neo2Soul Promotions, it wasn’t long before radio station DJ’s, Program Directors and podcasters began catching on to my newer music, which can now be heard on UK stations Solar Radio, Colourful Radio, Peace FM, Lightning 90.8FM… and many more.  the The Sweet Fruit Live Room Remix [CLICK PLAY Sweet Fruit Live Room Remix IN POST ABOVE]has rekindled growing interest in the song, giving the song new life as it makes the rounds once again on US, UK and international radio.

I’m looking forward to the creative and recording process as we collaborate with world class musicians to complete my upcoming full album CD, Music To Save My Life (2011, 1st Mind Entertainment). And I’m so very grateful as the world continues to discover and show appreciation for my music…

“Sweet Fruit Live-Room Remix” is featured on UK Mixtape “Across The Pond Mixbag of Music” from DJ Niceness… Hosted by Multi-Platinum Producer Herb Middleton and featuring A Great Mix of Talented Artists

For links to mixtape go to http://lisazure.tumblr.com/