Raised in London city the talented Brooke Bailey was exposed to the
entertainment industry in the early stages of her life. From the young age
of 3 she was performing for audiences and collecting certificates for her
efforts. Dance you could say was a taste on the tip of the tongue to the
beginning of the creatively driven life ahead of her.

Brooke Bailey loved to sing, though her voice as a youngster was not all
that she loved imitating her favourite artist Mariah Carey. She would come
home from school, sit down and watch Mariah Carey live in Madison square and imitate the performance on her plastic microphone. Sister act 2 was another obsession along with Annie and the Disney movie Aristocats. *

The first solo performance was a memorable yet humorous experience for
Brooke. At six years old Brooke and her school friends had entered a school
talent competition and planned to sing the theme tune to telletubbies
dressed in their characters’ costume. Brooke wasn’t well the day before the
competition so could not attend school but still expected to be performing
on the day unfortunately she had been substituted and replaced by her
friends. Brooke was confident enough to still go ahead and sang “Never ever” All saints dressed as the red tellietubbie ‘PO’ and came second place.*

Whilst attending Highbury Fields Girls school. Brooke took part in a
yearly competition, Top of the Fields, coming first place on several
occasions, and gaining experience in band performance gave her direction
and Brooke decided she wanted to pursue the career of a singer, performer
and successful lyricist. Brooke involved herself in her secondary school
choir and a musical theatre class that ran weekly on the school grounds. She also began having vocal, piano and guitar lessons.

Vocal sessions were shared and Brooke teamed up with a fellow student for
an outside charity function at The Union Chapel, Islington where they shared the stage with Leona Lewis and many other talented teenagers to raise money for Leukaemia.

Blessed enough to have supportive parents, Brooke would be accompanied to many auditions she’d search for on the internet or in the stage newspaper. One of the first successful auditions was for a theatre part in the play “To Die For” which she performed in the London Palladium.

She continued following her dream by applying to the Brit School in year 9
after a successful audition was accepted at The Brit School of Performing
arts where she studied Music from the age of fourteen up until her current
age, eighteen. Whilst developing her musical abilities at the school Brooke
grew into a confident singer and performer.

Performing with her classmates in the schools Obie theatre, The Cartoon
Club, Fairfield Halls, Bloomsbury theatre, The Colinades, Cannizaro Park and for the community in schools created for students with special needs,
elderly homes and a hospice definitely helped shape her into what she
currently stands for.

Preparing material for shows with the school was one of Brooke’s favourite things about her institution. She once collaborated with a student to produce a song called “Puppet on a string” which caught the attention of Emi A&Rs the song was very original as she combined her own soulful style with a student who was more into the heavy metal side of things. Brooke was exited to experiment with the sound they could both create and it proved a successful idea. Performing in Fairfield Halls and Bloomsbury theatre were one of the most creative experiences she has had so far. It was a chance for every strand in her school year to come together and perform a musical theatre play created by themselves for primary school children in south London and Islington.

Brooke wrote a musical theatre song for herself and two other students in
her strand named “ The rule song” to go with the script of the play and it
went down very well as a dance by the dance strand was incorporated into the feature. The song and dance, along with costumes had the audience in fits of laughter.

Brooke has collaborated with many talented musicians and formed with a
collective of writers called “The Arcade” and also “The Pop Factory” with
musicians Scholar and Stix. She got involved in singing and writing demos
for other artists and for television shows.

Brooke’s Performance skills improved when she began gigging around London showcasing herself at open mics and was approached by members of the audience and asked to perform her own sets in other venues. This is where she discovered networking and how important it would be for her career.

Brooke began one of her first gigs at Plan B, Brixton (Soul Unique) where she was approached by Marsha Ambrosius former Floetry singer and was given a few words of encouragement to continue and strive for the success she deserved.

In 2009 Brooke then went on to become a resident artist at The Cobden Club in the West end (Soul-D-Out) to finish residency at the end of the year.

Plan B was also the location Brooke was approached at by the label SBI
Limited. This is the label she is now signed to. She is currently working on
album material and channelling her energy into some very creative
productivity. Her new single “So in love” has recently been played on
BBC1xtra which is the very start of the next chapter of her dreams.
Lightning Radio 90.8fm, Bang Radio 103.6, also on a few Radio Stations up in Manchester

Early on in the year she featured on a mixtape DJ NICENESS PRESENTS – Mixbag Of Music got a review  @ http://www.ukhhf.co.uk/reviews.php?id=116 of the best track read below

Brooke Bailey Favourite

The mix is on a Neo Soul tip but on here we get to hear all sorts of genres including Soul & R’n’B to positive Hip-Hop, Jazz, Slow Jams, Gospel and a touch of reggae, all styles are covered in a quality way.

My favourite acts on this mixtape included legendary producer Herb Middleton, the Jill Scott-esque Coco Brown, the talented Dezzie, the sweet sounds of Lisa Zure, the relaxing sounds of China Blac and my personal favourite Brooke Bailey. This is a great project that has set the new decade off well! I absolutely love this mixtape and I just hope that DJ Niceness keeps bringing the niceness because this is really Nice (with a capitol ‘N’!).

Management Details djchristoss67@googlemail.com