All about Love is the title of Carmichael’s third independent CD. His music will make you feel as if you are immersed in warm silk on the most perfect day of the year.

Singer, songwriter and producer Carmichael discovered his passion for music when he started playing with his little sister’s Casio keyboard as a teenager in Birmingham, AL. He attributes his love and obsession for “real” music to waking up every morning to his dad blaring 8 tracks of artist like Al Green, Marvin Gay and Stevie Wonder.

While attending college he entered a school lip sync contest and sang over a track. After the show the school’s choir director approached him about singing in the school choir after that music was in Carmichael’s soul. He soon gave up sports to sing in several university sponsored choirs.
While still in Birmingham Carmichael, who grew up in a strict Jehovah’s Witness family, would sneak and sing in clubs and other engagements. He sent his demo to super producer Manual Seal of So So Def Records and was immediately signed to Seal’s newly formed record label. So Carmichael left school behind during his junior year and moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream.

Later Carmichael and Seal would part ways amicably and Carmichael continued to develop and grow as an artist. He soon learned if he wanted to be truly happy and successful as an artist he needed to start getting more involved in the writing and production of his own music. As a result Carmichael has released three full-length albums independently.

He has worked with Grammy Award winners Tony Rich, Joe Rich and Peter Moore in various aspects. In 2004 he sang background on Tony Rich’s Live DVD recording. During his early years in Atlanta he worked with an unknown Pink while she was a member of the girl group Choice writing songs and providing musical direction.

If you enjoy soul, R&B or can remember when love songs actually put you in the mood for love. Carmichael is a definite must have in your collection.


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His new project has just been released a double disk entitled “Fantasy Rain” which include a track called Eternally Feat UK singer, songwriter, Nadine Charles (check her blog  he is already back in the studio working on his  next project  with more UK artist like Coco  Brown, Chidi & Brooke Bailey to go on the album (so he is a busy man at the min).

When he was over from ATL in Dec 2009 he performed at Soul Unique (Plan B) with full live band for the MJ Tribute Night. He should be back in UK very soon to do some  shows  dates TBC

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