Undeniably appealing and compelling, K.D. Brosia is the best of classic rhythm and blues wrapped in the rawness of soul.  A tremendously gifted vocalist and writer, Mississippian K.D. Brosia is challenging those music connoisseurs disenchanted with today’s artists and music, to listen to cuts from his “Love Is…” cd, or attend one of his performances, and not fall in love with music once again.

[He] has just enough of that 90s lead voice (a dap of sandpaper timbre and melisma aplenty) to keep my head bobbing,… Brosia’s “Love Is…” delivers in performance!

Pairing with Mint Condition and vocally collaborating with Stokely Williams suggests his strength as an up and coming notable crooner.

He is a vocalist with whom to contend.

—L. Michael Gipson, Soul Tracks

On a steady incline, Brosiacs (those loving the music of K.D. Brosia), are sticking like glue to the crooner. The passion and enthusiasm Brosia delivers in performance are infectious.

As the momentum of the resurgence of true vocalists increases and audiences become less moved to applaud mediocrity, voices such as Brosia’s will remain.

Prodigy endorses the works of K.D. Brosia.



Mike Ashley, K.D.Broisa, Me , Knee Deep @ Soul Summit in ATL

CD Releases

“Boku Desu”  –  Asia                2005

“Love Is…”    –  International    2008

Collaborative Performances and/or Compositions

Mint Condition,  Frank McComb,  Joe, Wanye Morris  Ken Wan, Hitomi

Norihito Sumitomo,  Stokely Williams,    Loose Ends

Opening Act

Mint Condition (The Vault)       Dwele (Brixton South Bay)

N’Dambi (Camden House)

Background Performance

Ai (Asia)

Performance Venues

Cotton Club (Japan)                             Budokan (Japan)

Dreams (St. Louis, MO)                       Temple Bar (Santa Monica, CA)

Mandela (Japan)                                   The Warehouse (Marina del Rey, CA)

Celebrity Centre (Hllywd, CA)         The Savoy Ent. Ctr. (Inglewood, CA)

Maggie Malone’s (LA, CA)                  Brixton South Bay (Redondo Beach, CA)

The Vault (Long Beach, CA)                CAP Complete Actors Place (Sherman Oaks, CA)

The Camden House (Beverly Hills, CA)


Pepsi                                        Tommy Hilfiger               Asahi Beer

Honda Motorcycle                    Donkey Kong                  Mazda


KHNL Hawaii – Morning Show

MTV Awards (Japan)

TV Asahi – Music Station


KMJM (Clear Channel) St. Louis – Selena J Show

Various Internet Radio Stations


Soul Food or Fast Food                     Atlanta                  Featured Vocalist

Special Skills

Music and Lyric Composition



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