Eternal Voices was birthed Independence Day 2002. This group began with the goal of radically reaching out to others through powerful song testimonies and letting them know that the only way to live the life of their dreams is through God. Since the Eternal Voices began, they have had the privilege of sharing the stage with J. Moss, John P. Kee, Ayiesha Woods, Maurette Brown Clark, and Desmond Pringle.

Their single “Author” from the “Better, Stronger, & Closer” cd project is played on many gospel radio stations. They have appeared on various television programs such as: WLTX’s Friends at Five, CW-47’s J.Juice TV, Preach the Word Worldwide Network, and The Best of the Low Country Jams.

They has won national recognition for Rhythm & Praise Song of the Year from the 2010 Urban Inspirational Awards for their song “Don’t ‘Cha Give Up” from the album “Better, Stronger, & Closer”.They are also named the 2010 SC Music Award Gospel Recording Artist of the Year.

The highlights of their ministry are the times they are allowed to sing for the homeless, imprisoned, persons in nursing homes, and other people who aren’t as fortunate as most.

The most important thing they hope for is that people desire a closer, more firm relationship with the Savior by lifting Him up and encouraging his people. The membership of Eternal Voices currently consists of four radically, anointed young people who all individually place God at the number one spot in their lives, CoreyJ, Tiffany, Siera, and Courtney.

The single is titled “I Found Someone”, and it tells a story of someone whose search for love rode a bumpy rollercoaster until that someone finally realized “love” was always there, but just waiting on acceptance; this is when that someone fell in love with “that perfect somebody”.

The song features solo vocals from each individual group member; CoreyJ, the only man of the group, introduces the song and brings the listener in to hear their story; Siera, follows by leading the first verse; the second verse is led by Courtney, and the rest of the song is led by Tiffany.

“I Found Someone” is just one of many songs that present the “realness” of the gospel and God’s unchanging love to listeners of all ages, genres, and cultures. You are able to witness the strong relationship between God and EV through this collection of music.

More news to come regarding upcoming and anticipated third album “AddicTeD”. release, January 29, 2011, at a later date. Be sure to call and request the single “I Found Someone” on all your internet and terrestrial radio stations across the USA.

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CoreyJ Nowell-Brown, President of Marketing
Siera Wider, President of Administration & Bookings

 Many Thanks to Tiffany Wider to bringing this to my attention