She is the living, breathing embodiment of progressive music. Imagine Nona Hendryx meets Black Sabbath or Janis Joplin meets Grace Jones, it is then that you will begin to feel the blaKbüshe experience. blaKbüshe, reminiscent of the Soul/Pop recording group Labelle, is a blend best described by Shelley Nicole as SolaRoc, an undeniably spine-tingling surge of rock, funk, soul, and beyond. As validated by Labelle member Sarah Dash, “blaKbüshe is not to be overlooked.”

Since Shelley Nicole’s arrival on the New York music scene, she founded Red Butterfly Music the label through which she released her albums, she who bleeds… and The Quick & Dirty EP. Her co-ed septet band, blaKbüshe, has performed at hot spots all over New York City, the U.S. and Europe, including the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom, B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, The Blue Note, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, World Café Live, Endenu, Genghis Cohen, and the Mau Mau Bar (London).

Shelley Nicole also has shared the stage with notable artists such as Erykah Badu, Corey Glover (Living Colour), Vicki Randle (The Jay Leno Show), Les Nubians, Natalie Stewart (the Floacist/Floetry), Julie Dexter, Joi, V. Jeffery Smith (the Family Stand), India.Arie, Hanifah Walidah (Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Black Patti), and Toshi Reagon.

Prior to the band’s inception, Shelley Nicole released “Being Me” on Imani/King Street Records. The song topped charts in London and received rave reviews in New York, Europe, and Japan’s dance music scene. Critically acclaimed by Curve Magazine Music Reviews Editor Margaret Coble as “an irresistible dance groove”, Shelley Nicole’s latest single “blaK Girls” is featured in the documentary and soundtrack of the film U People, and was recently released on the compilation Fire in the Dark.

Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe EPK

The band’s London tour helped secure Shelley Nicole’s song “3/4 Shit” on the UK released Jazz Re:freshed Vol. 1. While exhibiting her acting talents in the rock documentary Electric Purgatory, Shelley Nicole’s melodic, edgy song “Release” is featured on the film’s soundtrack. Chosen out of 120 submissions, Shelley Nicole’s fiery, powerful soulful voice, riveting bass riffs, poignant lyrics, and unforgettable theatric performances also secured her placement as an In House Artist during the 2009 Silver Starr Art Studios LLC (SSAS) competition.

The Village Voice calls Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe “an ingenious musical evolution.” Author and Associate Professor of Black Popular Culture at Duke University Mark Anthony Neal says, “On she who bleeds… Nicole created a vibrant synthesis of Rock and Jazz, which ultimately aimed to tweak the staid sensibilities of both mainstream America and the gatekeepers of African-American culture and identity.”

Her latest release The Quick & Dirty EP features bonus tracks from producers Ian Friday (Tea Party Music), Daz-I-Kue (i-Kue Productions/Bugz in the Attic) and Lionel Sanchez Jr. (Audioglyph Productions). adds “If [Shelley Nicole’s EP] is any evidence of what’s to come, we should expect more greatness from this soul-funk-rock queen.”

LIVE with Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe

(Live in London)

(Out of My Mind @ WNYC)


The Quick & Dirty EP

01. blak Girls
02. Give It To Me
03. Crazy 4:18
04. Can’t Blame a Tree
05. Box 5:37
06. Hairs In The büshe
07. Go Head & Rise
08. blak Girls (Afrobiotic Swine Funk Mix)
09. Dance (Flying Home) [Tea Party Vocal]
10. blak Girls (Daz-i-Kue Dub)
11. blak Girls (Original Mix)


She Who Bleeds

01. Who is blaKbüshe (Intro)
02. Scorpio Chile
03. Spiritual Revolution
04. Americas’ Secret
05. 3/4 Shit 4:59
06. Cheatin’ Baby Daddy 6:58
07. Release 4:51
08. Getting Yo Head Did (Skit) 1:19
09. No Lye 5:52
10. Love Triangle: Self, Family, Goddess/God 2:22
11. Real to Me
12. Dance (Flying Home)

Get ready to experience a musical revolution.

Get ready for BlaKbüshe!