Who is Kyra Climbingbear?

Kyra Climbingbear was born May 14, 1983 to a “Black” mother and a “Native American” father. At an early age Kyra embraced her mixed heritage and decided, through music, she would educate ignorant minds. She spent many years between New Jersey and Cherokee, North Carolina (Qualla Boundry, Cherokee reservation) where her father later resided with her two brothers and step-mother.

During her visits she was introduced to Cherokee traditional dancing as well as traditional Cherokee songs which she took to naturally. Nowadays, her goal is to address world issues and become what Marvin Gaye was in his era: a motivator. Her musical influences can be attributed to her mother’s vast collection of music.

One of Kyra’s earliest memories are of her mother humming “Easy On Down the Road” from the soundtrack to The Wiz, and the lyrics have remained with Kyra as a constant reminder to never carry anything that might be a load.

Kyra’s voice has often been described as a blend between Lauryn Hill and Kelis. However, she has yet to define her genre and is against the idea of “musical limitation”. With the constant love and support of her family, friends, and of course GOD, there is no doubt that Kyra will succeed


Kyra Climbingbear is an “American” singer/songwriter. Her definition of American meaning the TRUE foundation of America being of both African and Native descent. At the tender of age of 9, Kyra Climbingbear first took notice of her writing ability and talent with words and has been writing ever since.

Although, she sang in chorus and honor’s choir all throughout Grammar, Middle, and High Schools, it was not until she was in her late teens that she realized she wanted to be a singer/songwriter; to be exact the “frontman”, the leader.


After the birth of her first child Kenai, it was her mother and partner that pushed Kyra Climbingbear to get over the “hump” and pursue singing professionally. Weeks later she was in Lethal Nation of the Grunts as Karen Rowe. The band L.N.T.G. played at the famous CBGB before it’s finally closing.

Though the group did not last, Kyra continued to pursue music. Needless, to say it has been a rough road and five years later she is still going strong. Her hard work and dedication has paid off with her recent success.

In the summer of 2009, not only did she graduate from the Institute of Audio Research with a GPA of 3.84, she also opened for Stax recording artist N’dambi. N’dambi, who was once the background singer of Erykah Badu,who by the way is one of Kyra’s favorite singers.

It’s no wonder that people have often compared Kyra’s voice to N’dambi’s, with N’dambi being one Kyra’s main influences. Three weeks after the birth of her second child YaRa, Kyra Climbingbear with children in tow, opened for American Idol Bo Bice, at the 97th Annual Cherokee Indian Fair.

This was an enormous opportunity for Ms. Climbingbear whose family still resides on the Qualla Boundary Reservation. She was able to bring new music to her tribe and perform in front of her peers and family.

As an enrolled member of the Eastern Band Cherokee Indian, Kyra Climbingbear is now working on a new project to fuse both of her worlds. She is ready for the world to hear a new sound. Many others have claimed to be an ” Urban Indian” however,  Kyra has not only lived in the Tristate area most of her life but has spent months back and forth on her own rez.

In the next year, she will be immersing herself head first into Cherokee traditional music, language, and culture as a way to fuse them with Hip Hop, Soul, and Rock music. All of these being a part of who she is, has been, and will become. During this “hibernation” she hopes to emerge with a new voice/sound that reflects her true inner voice.


This is just one of the many projects Ms. Climbingbear is working on. With projects in the works of a children’s album, Management/ Production company, Artist Development for Native and Urban youth. One should expect big things from such a small person within the next few years.













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May this new year be a prosperous one. Nv Wado Hiya Dv.

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