You have seen the footage countless times. They usually all unfold in a similar fashion. You know, the young child, whom the audience thinks is going to sing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” or “I’m a Little Tea Pot”, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere belts out a song that nobody possibly their age could sing.

The first preview of a young superstar destined to be in the spotlight. Add Meagan McNeal to that list. Performing at her aunt’s wedding at the age of 9, Meagan sang Steve Wonder’s “You and I” (We Can Conquer the World) a performance that will not be forgotten. “That little one is going to be somebody someday”

Flashing forward to the present, the 24 year- old vocalist and Chicago native has surprised crowds in a similar fashion as she did when she was a child. Launching her solo career in 2007, she has opened for the likes of Jon B, Sam Jenkins, The Velvelettes of the legendary Motown Records, and also done background vocals for artists; from Eminem to the O’Jays.

In between bringing her angelic and commanding voice to countless stages in the Chicago and Michigan area during her years as a student at Western Michigan, Meagan spent her last two summers in Los Angeles, California.


MEAGAN McNEAL Live in Hollywood with Tank

MEAGAN McNEAL Covers “Summertime”

There to be working as an intern for Hidden Beach Recordings, a label which include such greats as Jill Scott, Al B Sure, and Kindred, she also found time to record music and perform in some of LA’s premier music venues to standing ovations.

You can call it time well spent as Meagan will be calling Los Angeles home to continue pursuing her music career. Currently, Meagan just returned home from  an overseas tour and currently released her debut project titled “Mindset”. According to McNeal, the project portrays life in all its splendor, from its roadblocks to its successes.

This will be a must listen for fans that enjoy an eclectic mix of Neo Soul, Jazz, and R&B. From songs of love, peace and self discovery, she is well on her way into evolving into the star she is destined to be.

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