Singer, Dancer, Lyricist, Mentor, Choreographer, Minister,

Rodney Talley’s life and ministry reflects excellence in every domain. He is driven by his personal motto, “I don’t serve a raggedy God, and I won’t give him raggedy worship.” Whether worshipping through song, dance, or preaching, he does all to the glory of God with striking execution and technical skill.

Not only is Minister Talley a first-class vocalist, he is also founder and executive director of Renewing the Ministries. He previously served as the International Dance Director for the United Covenant Churches of Christ under Bishop Larry D. Trotter.

During his tenure in this position, he built and provided training for over 300 worship arts ministries. He continues to travel throughout the country mentoring, teaching, and choreographing for ministries nationwide.

Minister Talley recently opened The Art of Worship Academy, a 501c3 non-profit local performing arts school with a global vision, and he presently serves as Dance Director at the Baptist Worship Center under pastor Bishop Millicent Hunter.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Minister Talley began singing at the age of eleven. He is the youngest of four siblings, the proud son of two God-fearing parents, and a university graduate with degrees in both business administration and Bible.

Minister Rodney Talley “I’ve been rejected for a greater purpose!”

Minister Talley’s hope and prayer is that recipients of his ministry look beyond his talent and be led to heartfelt worship. With his soulful sound and inspiring lyrics, Rodney Talley is soon to be a force to be reckoned with in today’s gospel music industry. Those who know him best describe him as “anointed,” “gifted,” “passionate,” “sincere.”

Opening for Karen Clark Sheard and sharing the stage with gospel artists Smokie Norful, Donald Lawrence, and Darryl Coley, Minister Rodney Talley’s smooth vocals are reminiscent of John Legend, and his melodic vibe is comparable to Music Soul Child and Stevie Wonder. His talent has been featured on the Bobby Jones Gospel show produced by BET.

Rodney Music

Minister Talley’s debut single “Son Shine” by Herb Middleton (Faith Evans, Mary J Blige and many more..)  from his forthcoming debut album “Revelation” reflects a soulful yearning for God. Rodney reminds us through his original lyrics that stepping out of God’s will is not an option; we must wait for God’s Word to come to fruition.

Rodney Talley “Son Shine”(Produced by Herb Middleton)


A clever blend of modern soul sounds, saturated with memorable hooks and irrepressible vocal harmonies.  This is the core of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s emerging artist Rodney Talley and his debut full length album “Revelation”.

A progressive, R&B-Gospel LP capable of wooing  r&b, pop, and gospel fans alike in multiple demographics, “Revelation” is as pure, uplifting, and emotional as it gets. The new Rodney Talley full length album is in the “Sounds Like” category of John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and Anthony Hamilton.

Sonically superior in every way, this record is tightly arranged and produced by renowned producer Herb Middleton (Faith Evans, Mary J Blige).  With three tracks (Revelation, I Don’t Understand, and Rejoice) produced and arranged by newcomers, P3 Music  and two tracks (We’ll See You Again and Staying Right Here)  produced and arranged by newcomer, David Downing.

Rodney Talley singing “Son Shine”

Rodney’s vocal capacity to belt out a heavy dose of authority and then take it down a few notches to offer some class and sensitivity to his approach and style gives the album a broad paintbrush musically.

Here is an LP that moves the soul and uplifts the spirit within the listener.  This is the LP that is totally contagious, and the one you always crave after the first listen.  This is the genius of Philadelphia’s Rodney Talley.

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01.   Revelation
02.  I Don’t Understand
03.  Just One Word
04.  Just One Word (Reprise)
05.  Be With You
06.  Don’t You Worry
07.  We’ll See You Again(Mom)
08.  Son Shine
09.  Staying Right Here
10.  Rejoice
11.  Stuff Back
12.  Outro (Revelation)