Get very familiar with  songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist, Romiah Armstrong

He has garnered the attention of the music industry and soul enthusiast worldwide. Romiah’s fan base consists of music lovers from Atlanta, Georgia to Sao Paul, Brazil, to Venice, Italy. His talent has been internationally recognized and respected.

Romiah Armstrong’s sound infuses Neo-Soul, R&B and Rock influences. To nurture his talent, Romiah has carefully crafted his stage presence at some of Atlanta’s most well known venues and events, including the very popular  Kat’s Cafe’ open mic. Possessing the vocals of a modern day Smokey Robinson, the rhythmic styling of The Stylistics and the lyrical skills of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Romiah Armstrong is working hard to carve his place amongst the industry elite.

His songwriting ability has earned the respect of many veterans in the industry, including singer/songwriter Montell Jordan and 2x Grammy Award Winner Eshe of the ground-breaking group Arrested Development.

Never the type to wait for things to happen, Romiah has been proactive by spending countless hours in the studio preparing his debut album entitled, “Upright Soul”. Upright Soul pays homage to the values Romiah has built his life upon. Amongst his uniquely crafted repertoire is the song “Rights of Passage” which is a brilliant example of his extensive vocal range, songwriting ability and instrumental skills.

Most recently Romiah recorded “Vintage Love”, along with songstress Eshe of Arrested development. Romiah wrote, arranged and recorded the infectious “Vintage Love,” set to be released on his upcoming album. “Vintage Love” is the epitome of what soul music has been missing.

With all of the work and effort this independent artist has placed in his craft, there is nowhere to go but up for Romiah Armstrong. He is a true talent and exactly what the industry needs, Real life music.

Studio sneak peak of his single “Vintage Love” (feat. Eshe)

Many artists wait for a record deal in hopes of allowing the world to hear their music. Atlanta based songwriter-singer and musician, Romiah Armstrong will forgo the waiting game and proceed to bless the world with his debut album Upright Soul. The soul singer is excited to introduce the world to a new sound fused with melodious vocals and big beats.

The first single from the album is entitled “Rights of Passage.” Romiah wrote “Rights of Passage” as an homage to what he places above all else; life and love.

Romiah reveals that his inspiration for “Rights of Passage”:

“My inspiration for this song came from me contemplating the valuable and precious things in life without the components of love. I wanted to reassure women and remind men that your heart (life), day (time), smile (happiness), or dream (goals), means absolutely nothing without the presence of that rare unconditional Love that you can have for the opposite sex.”

Romiah Armstrong Album Release Party

Romiah Armstrong pours his heart and soul into each song on his album. Romiah’s fan base, which stretches from nightclubs of Atlanta to the streets of Brazil, will be drawn into what promises to be a soulful album. Not one to deprive the people of the best of his musical abilities, Romiah introduces his listeners to “Vintage Love”. Vintage Love, which features Grammy Award winning artist ESHE of Arrested Development, has been certified as a classic by industry insiders.

Romiah explains, “I pictured soulful old school voices so who better to assist me on this record than 2x Grammy Award winner, Eshe of Arrested Development. She blessed the record with her beautiful raspy voice and the rest was history.”

Keeping this track in sync with the theme of Love, Life and enriching the Soul, Romiah confesses that he truly looked for an old school sound to emphasize the old school love theme. The inclusion of Eshe on the record helped lend credibility to Romiah as a songwriter that could bring the best out of even the most talented songstress.

Even though the lyrical content and vocals were strong, Romiah drew inspiration from others to solidify the “old school love” vibe he writes about in Vintage Love: “The feeling of this song is completely the 1950’s era, Mr. Count Basie himself, mixed with a newer flow.

Romiah Armstrong “Rights of Passage”

I heard this song and the arrangement in my head like I’ve never heard a song before. It was so different and filled with horns. After describing to my friend how I wanted the song produced, he responded “Oh, you mean some Count Basie type stuff?” That’s when I researched that era and got familiar with the “Big Band” movement. Because of the era it resembled, I instantly wanted the concept to be about how great “Old School Love” was and how that’s where we need to get back to.”

The city of Atlanta has already been buzzing about this soul singer’s release which is set for February 9, 2011, now it’s time for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Romiah – Smokey Robinson : Cruisin

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