Joni NehRita’s music is a breath of fresh air for those who still like their music served with, well Soul. An accomplished singer/songwriter/musician, she manages to blend the time-honoured qualities of classic soul with a modern sensibility that flirts heavily with jazz and pop.

It is this effortless and seamless fusion that gives Joni her distinct sound and makes her feel familiar yet fresh and new. In early 2011 NehRita  released her sophomore album “The Bare Truth“, a new batch of deeply reflective and personal tunes.

From the instantly catchy 80’s pop/funk “Private Party” in which NehRita sings “I’m having my own party; out in the light you’ll find me” to the bona fide soul track ,”The Trouble“, reminiscent of Bill Withers or Donny Hathaway, this collection will find you tapping, snapping and singing along in no time.

She readily offers up her own imperfections, doubts, hopes and dreams. She asserts that change and personal revolution are healthy, necessary even.

The album explores new and darker textures and has a timelessness that makes it evident that Joni is likely to be around for years to come. It floats easily from sparse, open arrangements to densely layered ones, which keeps the listener engaged. In the way the fans expect, she makes Motown, funk, smooth jazz, pop and even a little rock feel at home side by side.

Joni NehRita “Are You Ready” live performance on Canada AM

With “The Bare Truth” we get a peek at how Joni’s sense of humour is infused into even the most introspective songs such as “Fed” whose opening line is “It’s on my list of things to be: A more refined version of me.

True she comes out from time to time, but I’d like my light to always shine.”  Joni manages to inspire one to be the best version of themselves without being preachy. And , always, with infectious melodies at the core of every song, old fans will  be pleased to hear that her knack for writing a good hook hasn’t been diminished by the progression in her writing and producing.

New fans will wonder why they haven’t heard of her before. Joni’s debut release, ‘A Fine Time’ was enthusiastically received by the media and won her many new fans in uncharted territories such as Europe, Japan, & Australia.

It was played on college and mainstream radio including The CBC, CHRY, CKLN, Wave 94.7, and LIFE FM (UK).  Joni has also garnered the attention of Canada AM, Now Magazine, Echo Magazine, The Independent, Guelph Mercury, Life and Soul Magazine (UK), and The Toronto Sun. “About 30 seconds into ”A Fine Time”, I was pretty damned confident that Joni NehRita was the real deal. The selections strike hard and soothe the spirit…” ~Addi Stewart Now Magazine

Joni NehRita, Live at Maxwell’s Music House

Years of being both a band leader and a side musician/background vocalist have seen Joni performing at such venues/events as Massey Hall, The Montreal Jazz Festival, Roy Thompson Hall, The Hamilton Music Awards.

She has toured in Canada, US, GermanyU.K. and most recently, Australia. Joni’s been taking notes while becoming a “road warrior” and has used these experiences to help her create a live show that is a dynamic and emotionally rewarding experience for her listeners.

“I can attest that in live performance her voice and stage presence are stellar and come off as endearingly natural….Joni had me hollering and cheering like I haven’t at a an R&B show in awhile…” ~Raji Sohal, CBC Radio 3

Each Joni NehRita show is a unique experience. As she gives herself over to the music, to emotion, and to her listeners, they give back- they laugh, cry, sigh, & with her.

There is a feeling of connectedness that comes over the room. This is what Joni loves so passionately about music- its ability to unite and to transform.

You needn’t be a soul music enthusiast, just a lover of well-crafted songs sung with heart and played by a band with deep pocket. Joni plans to tour extensively in 2011 to support her new album.

Joni NehRita Live In Session @ The Registry Theatre

“You Left”


“Help Myself”

“How 2 Get Thru”

“Nothing Else Matters”

“On My Way”

“The Letter”

“The Trouble”

Career Highlights

Joni NehRita named Best Female Artist of 2008 by Echo Weekly Readers
Nominated for a KW Arts Award in the Mentor Category (2008)
Joni wins 2nd place in The Guelph & Cambridge Songwriting Competitions (2009)
A Fine Time” receives a glowing review and 4/5 in Now Magazine
On My Way” performed live on CTV‘s “Canada AM
A Fine Time” play on: CBC Radio, LIFE FM (U.K.),The Wave 94.7 ,CIUT , CKLN, CFRU
Joni’s original song “This Way” featured in the U.K. short film “Man Up” by Miles Maker
Joni was a Top 30 Finalist in the first season of Canadian Idol
Toured in Canada, U.S., U.K., Germany, and Australia
As Keyboard Player/Backing Vocalist
Ember Swift’s Lentic
Queen Cee
Ivana Santilli
Chris Rouse
Rufus John
Carlos Morgan


The Bare Truth

Upcoming Events

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Thur, May 12
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Fri, May 13
AIDA at New Hamburg Arena
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Sat, May 14
AIDA the musical @ New Hamburg Arena
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Wed, May 18
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Maxwell’s Music House
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