B. Higgins is a  new R&B singer arriving on the scene, from Clovis, CA.

At a time where fans have expressed that there is a disconnect from real music being released, B. Higgins has stepped in as a pure singer, songwriter and performer with a smooth & soulful style that makes his audience reminisce about meaningful love songs that they yearn to hear on the airwaves again.

B. Higgins armed with the gift of writing songs about real life energized with melodic harmonies, fills the void for fans by bringing respect along with substance back to songs about relationships & love.

B. Higgins influences along the way include Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, New Edition & Ready For The World. One of B. Higgins main goals is to place quality over short term trends by breaking  the mode of filler songs with no feeling that have taken over radio & replacing them with songs that deal with subjects like love, fun and real life experiences.

B. Higgins began to sing at an early age when he was in the church choir. He recorded his first song in a recording studio at age 12. He enjoyed singing so much that in high school he formed a singing group called “LEGIT” which performed in & won numerous talent competitions.

Although B. Higgins was the lead singer of the group LEGIT that was successful, he eventually realized that his true calling was to be a solo artist.  B. Higgins has worked with several producers in addition to being part of a couple compilations to help take his music to another level.

B. Higgins Talks About R U Real

B. Higgins recently released his debut single titled, R U Real, which has received positive feedback from fans in the United States to overseas in Europe & Japan. B. Higgins’ debut EP, R U Real, is now available in stores and features the songs “Ooh What a Feeling”, Ring My Bell”, “R U Real” and more.


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E-Mail:  b.higginsmusic@att.net
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