Chicago bred but Southern at Heart, Tarrey Torae’s melodic presence springs from the crossroads of southern geniality, essential womanhood, & passionate soul.

No amateur to music, Tarrey is a 4x Apollo Winner, a recipient of 2 Grammys from her work with Kanye West’s, & John Legend. Her voice soars to heights unvisited by the average singer reassuring you that this is classical music in the making.

Though Tarrey Torae traces her earliest singing memories to childhood family pastimes, she had no plans of becoming a full time performing artist. With a passion that far supercedes music, and going to Mississippi Valley State University Tarrey had dreams of becoming Chicago’s first African-American woman mayor.

Showtime @ The Apollo Winner

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and began the Masters program for Urban Planning & Policy. Her tenure in activism at MVSU Tarrey started as the Public Service Chairman for Delta Sigma Theta. She was eventually elected as the President of the entire NAACP Youth & College Division for the State of Mississippi. When she came into office there were only 7 NAACP college chapters in the entire state.

In just a 2 Year Term she expanded it into 35 Chapters; Further she Sponsored the HBCU Voter Registration Tour and Campaign to stop the closing of HBCU’s – with the final mark being a March on Governor’s Mansion with over 20,000 people in the streets who traveled Nationwide.

In attendance was, Ben Chavis, Arrested Development, Snyc Movement, Former DC Mayor Marion Barry, The Nation of Islam, Cornel West, Operation Push, Southern Baptist Union, Southern Echo, Ben Jealous, Derrick Johnson and more

Succumbing to her life calling, Tarrey left her Masters Program & began showcasing her vocal talents at Chicago’s infamous Rituals. She soon became the lead singer for the city’s acclaimed band Soul Fed & from this point on, her career continued to grow with great speed & intensity.

Tarrey has gone on to appear at numerous summer festivals & live venues throughout the United States & Beyond. Holding down solo stages, extensively with Coca Cola‘s NAACP Hip-Hop Tour, the Nissan/Essence Magazine Music Mix Tour, & as a background singer for Talib Kweli. Her audacious voice & songwriting skills have also been featured on tracks with Kanye West, John Legend, J. Ivy, Pete Rock, Blitz The Ambassador & The Last Poets.

NYC James Brown Tribute

SOB’s NYC with Blitz the Ambassador

Tarrey recorded 32 songs with Kanye West during the recording of his debut album, so she is all over the College Dropout album singing background vocals… BUT she is only listed on the credits of “Family Business“.

Etta James Celebration @ Apache Cafe: Atlanta, GA

Tarrey’s earned her second Grammy Co-writing and Co-sing “Live it Up” on John Legends Classic debut album. In short, beyond her music projects Tarrey Torae is consistently volunteering and presently working on community development and partnerships to develop The Sweetest Survivor Foundationfor children and a host of community youth service projects.

The New Album “The Sweetest Survivor” (click picture to listen)

The Sweetest Survivor“, set for a June 21st release date. Advance copies are available only on her website. “TSS” is a compilation of Anthems of Struggle & Triumph. No doubt its sultry tunes will help populate a new Generation.

Created as a concept album (Love Side & Life Side), with community driven messages for all the ‘roses-that-grew-from-the-concrete’, The Mission Statement of The Sweetest Survivor is that it tells a story and is written as a musical testimony to the survivors of life’s most ugliest moments and most beautiful lessons.

More than ever people have had to be strong to fight through life’s most challenging situations. They’ve had to choose love over fear and light over darkness in a world of bitter, withdrawn, desensitized individuals. It is truly up to those who refuse to become numb, to shake and re-awaken the mentally and emotionally defeated. Hence THE SWEETEST SURVIVOR… Lyric by lyric and with each softly sung note you’ll be swooned by Tarrey Torae


Friday – May 22nd, 2011 – Chicago, IL Asylum

Sundays! The Tarrey Torae Birthday Celebration Performance Hosted by: M’Reld Location: LeFleurde 301 E. 43rd St. Chicago Time: 8pm Admission: $10 Door