Have you had this feeling when something amazing is about to happen!! First come the butterflies in your stomach, then the goose bumps, the lights go out then from nowhere……

UK ‘s female heir to the throne of Brit R&B appears as the crowd turn into a frenzy. Syrona Ma’rie is one of UK ‘s hottest new talents to emerge onto the scene! If you ain’t ready…then I suggest you get ready, for her time has arrived to shine with the best of them!!!!!

My songs are my way of communicating, I suppose it has to be said that my experiences have very much influenced my songs that I hope will take people on this emotional journey“, says Syrona.


Syrona Ma’rie born an Essex girl, has always been in the presence of music, being part of a very musical family. Knowing that her father had been a part of the band “Third World“, in their earlier years, was enough to allow her the belief in herself and to push on…

At the age of one, Syrona & and her family moved to the USA to join other relatives for a different life. Growing up in Houston Texas and always around a musical family,  Syrona aged just 6, was given the chance to sing her heart out on a number of gospel selections in church.

It was at this point that Syrona developed a true passion and admiration for music. On moving back to England Syrona Ma’rie brought back with her, a subtle American flavour that wooed the hearts of many through her smooth and harmonious vocals.


Syrona was quickly making a name for herself  after performing as a solo artist in road shows like Kick FM, BBC Music Live, Wolverhampton City Festival and also in supporting both national/ international artists such as Joe and Ginuwine in concert.

Some of the more resent performances she has done are at the annual Hip-hop festival in Sweden which was a two day event, a great performance at The Quadrant Lounge in the West Midlands and the Black Business Awards (hosted by Richard Blackwood).

She has also recently performed on Jamaica Live, a live online TV streaming channel, with a fantastic response from the viewers.

With all this excitement in her surroundings, Syrona Ma’rie recorded her album; ’This Is Reality’ in Jamaica, January 2009, which she has worked on with ‘Bunda Beat Productions’ (Bunny and Daz), ‘Tru-Fam Records‘, producer/rapper, writer (Dezert Rhino) and Bongo Herman (Jamaican born reggae artist).

Up To You

There was so much of a buzz over the Album in Jamaica that a music video was filmed (by Director Rymund from RJR Net.) and launch was planned taking place successfully in Kingston, with a great turn out and TV coverage to boot!

Syrona’s excellent track; “Up To You” is also receiving constant radio airplay on Irie F.M, Hot 107, R.J.R and many other stations. Due to further interest in the Album ’This Is Reality’, Syrona Ma’rie toured with live band; ‘Tru-Fam Live’ through-out the summer.

Presently, Syrona Ma’rie is working on her new 2011 album(featuring Tru-Fam Records own ‘blood producers’ Dezert Rhino and Rico Levant) and promoting her soon to be released; ‘Runnin Away’, single and music video (Last Phoenix Films)!

Runnin Away

All this in mind, Syrona Ma’rie couldn’t be more than pleased as she has recently been given further gripping news; this rising talent is celebrating as her song ’It’s Love’ (Produced by Andrew Griffiths/ project co-ordinator Bally Sagoo)

It’s A Wonderful After Life

Its was a feature on this years Blockbuster film/ Sound Track (released on Sony/ published on ‘Bend It Music‘); ‘It’s A Wonderful Afterlife’2010 (Producer Gurinder Chadha, i.e. ‘Bend It Like Beckham‘), also writing for Mica Paris!

All exciting info! Big thanks to sponsors/ fans support. Watch out for further performance dates and exciting news on Syrona Marie in 2011…

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