Vocalist, Writer, and Producer (Neo-Soul/House)


UniverSoul sensation TaNeal emerges as an independent artist through her gifted vocals, writing, production, and grabs the world with a progressive force.

Her Jazzy style of Anita Baker and Soul of Mary J. Blige only brings more to this industry when she warms every crowd with each performance and leaves a comfort that music can still inspire and touch people!


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, TaNeal has always known that she wanted to sing. She also discovered how it felt to want to express oneself in a city not very well-known in the music world.

What set this flower above the rest was her ability to feed off all types of energy. TaNeal also has a vivacious attitude keeps her motivated and full of life. The ”Learning 2 Love” album is a testament to her ability to grow in any environment.

Music and Why I do it


The flourishing artist TaNeal has been singing since childhood. From church in the kids choir to a member of the Show Choir throughout middle and high school.

Also performed in concert choirs competing in such events at well known places such as Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA in front of more than 10,000 people.

She realized her talent could touch people when she first witnessed someone reacting emotionally to her singing.

TaNeal use to describe herself as a wilted flower without enough sunlight; but now she lives…replenished in a soil (music) that nourishes every part of her Soul!


TaNeal has attended auditions for several shows including Star Search, American Idol, and the Columbus Gimme the Mic and got the same response, “We love your voice and personality, but we just don’t think you are ready for our show.” These comments have only motivated her to strive harder to continue with her dream.

New Network

She has taken her frustrations and let downs and turned them into positive results…becoming Columbus Ohio’s 97.9 FM WNC Idol winner of 2006.

With the added boost of confidence, TaNeal entertained her hometown by singing the National Anthem for the Columbus Crew.

She is now recognized as one of Ohio’s most valuable treasures; putting her raw talent, charisma, and emotion into every performance.

Just the way music was meant to be performed. She carried on winning second place in the Virginia Afr’am Festival Idol of Spring 2008.

She was then called back to open for National recording artist Mario in June of 2008. Since then, she has opened for Warren Hill, Day26, Shirley Murdock, D&G, Men at Large, Rude Boys and Levert II. The demand is growing with her exposure. Along with her career, she joined Virtual Gigs, a music band campaigning out of Spain.


TaNeal has an uncanny gift for molding her lyrics to a wide range of musical styles and genres. Not one to be pigeonholed into one category with her writing ability.

She knows that musical versatility is key in this industry. She proves that with her 2007 cd release “Learning 2 Love.”


TaNeal released her first cd “Learning 2 Love” under her independent label TaChi Music in the fall of 2007. Ohio Clout was an online social network she created on myspace catered to the entertainment and business arena in Ohio as a part of the Midwest Movement based out of Chicago.

Say Yes Jam Session

With motivation of keeping her local sector entertained, TaNeal successfully held her own release party with featured performances and as many as 300 attendees.

Fall of 2008, she collated her label and social network to entertain about 200 guests at an event called “TaChi Music Presents: Ohio Clout Talent Showcase” where she along with eight other acts of various genres performed.

All this done without a promoter or sponsor, but she was able to hold her own and accomplish the unthinkable. As she awaits her national break, TaNeal stops to wait for no one to get the job done!


Once the release of “Learning 2 Love” was out TaNeal was working hard performing and promoting.  Then reality struck.

TaNeal was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs, it was time for her to not only to continue to push her talent now she faces a challenge with an chosen fate.

TaNeal – EPK

With the determination to leave her air with the musical world and contribute to the research, TaNeal is releasing her sophomore CD “A New Discovery” with a percentage of proceeds going toward it. Look out for her new single “Spread Love: Give it 2 U

Her spirit will touch souls regardless of whom or where they are, and she invites her fans to continue to follow her in her Quest to Discovery!


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new single “Spread Love: Give it 2 U