*She Just Keeps FLO-ing *

Want a passionate poet and soulful singer to perform for you? Let the powerful talent of FLOetic Lara flow over you.

FLOetic Lara (aka FLO) is a dynamic artiste, combining sensational singing with passionate poetry. She is in her element performing live, where she delivers with an energy that is both raw and yet refined.

Interacting and vibe-ing with the band and audience, FLO’s specialty is improvisation, which is produced organically with ease, creating captivating, and breathtaking performances.

Star Like Aura

A queen of spoken word and the live music scene, FLO is truly original, and her vocal capabilities range from beautiful dulcet tones to rich, powerful explosions as she expresses herself without limitation. Her core source is evidently jazz, yet she transcends categorization as she effortlessly creates a fusion with soul, funk, hip hop and more.

Her Journey

Hailing from the mean streets of BrixtonLondon, this unique songstress comes equipped with a vast and versatile vocal ability.

FLO has blessed the biggest live bands to the most hardcore hip hop beats, gospel choirs to poetry ciphers on the streets. Her voice has been described as that of a songbird with a jazz undertone.

With a heritage as diverse as Jamaican, Chinese, Irish and Australian, FLO touches all and relates too many: from young to old, black to white, hard headed to the heartfelt.

Ask about FLO and people know. With her range and variety, FLOetic Lara writes and performs pieces which entertain as well as educate and challenge her audiences. “Passionate Poets” and “My Story” are just two poetry pieces from her catalogue sure to inspire listeners.

Mellow Yellow

Expelled from school at the age of 13 and having left home at age 12, FLO spent her teenage years in care homes. She was often told she would amount to nothing. FLOetic Lara now uses her own rich life experiences to influence her songs and poetry. FLO’s expedition started back in 2002 at ‘Brixtongue’.

Since then she has performed at The Jazz Café, Ronnie Scotts, Brixton Academy and The Royal Festival Hall to name but a few.

At only 17 years of age FLOetic Lara was nominated and awarded the position of UK Youth Ambassador 2003 and was flown to Washington DC where she spent time shadowing the Secretary of State Collin Powell.

Still Here

FLOetic Lara was also a guest performer for disadvantaged young people at the J.F. Kennedy Centrefor Performing Arts.

Making an impact within the realms of royalty, FLO was invited for lunch at St. James Palace to perform and present Prince Philip with a commissioned piece of poetry.

Her 2006 schedule culminated in flying the flag for the UK by opening up for US Neo-Soul stars Dwele & Jaguar Wright at their UK concerts (accompanied by her full band).

FLO has also performed for Erykah Badu and released her first CD ‘Jus Let It FLO…’ project N#1 which includes production from UK Legend Omar, Don E and Scratch Professer.

Sunday Afternoon

This was followed by a six-week tour of UK, Norway (AHW International Festival’in the company of dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson) and South east Asia in the summer of 2009, FLO had concerts at Bangkok‘s top Jazz Venues and performed in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Live @ Lyrix Organix

Phase two of FLO’s recording projects was recently completed, when FLO took up the opportunity to record ‘For Lovers Of…’ with full live band, at Bob Marley’s Legendary ‘Tuff Gong’ Studios in Kingston-Jamaica.

The first single entitled ‘Night Skies’ is a mesmerizing Caribbean flavored Ska/Pop song written by ‘WinsomeLyrical HealerDuncan guaranteed to get your foot tapping!

Vicious Cycles FLO Live @Jazz Cafe

Whilst in Jamaica FLO went down a storm performing at the 10th anniversary of ‘Calabash International Literature Festival’ and The Ocho Rios International Jazz Festival.

Orchestrating workshops is another spoke to the revolving wheel that is FLOetic Lara. Working closely with youth (specifically those in care) to empower and engage through the Arts is essential to FLO.

U Turn Project Intro

She done the intro to the forthcoming album U – TurnShe also a part of the  family which is represents artists from the UK/US/Canada

Who are creatively willing to go back to the sounds and messages that made history & soul, hiphop, jazz, gospel and r&b a popular demand.

FLOetic Lara @ Urban Green Fair

She maintains a close relationship with her community and shares her experiences including those of living in care & being expelled from school at age 13.

Her freedom on stage and love of music, interwoven with powerful lyrics sung and spoken, reverberates with all who experience her touching gift.

This is a woman who is going to take the music industry by storm. Remember where you heard her name first! FLO has been described as inspirational, empowering and a role model for young people.

Mellow Monday’s at INSPIRE

I.N.S.P.I.R.E means:

Inspiring New Seasons Promoting Internal Revolutionary Existence.

The harmonic duo, LyricalFLO are your host’s for the evening, consisting of the phenomenal FLOetic Lara and dynamic Lyrical Healer.

FLOetic Lara PROMO video:

Night Skies – recorded at Bob Marley’s legendary ‘Tuff Gong Studio’


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