She is a voice of hope in a hurting generation.

With God-given vocal talent and a passion for those in need of healing and redemption, she has been called as a minstrel for today’s body of  believers.  Through her anointed music ministry, she has uplifted the downtrodden and encouraged the broken-hearted.

The 2011 Excellence in Christian Music Award Recipient is not only a gifted vocalist, but a brilliant songwriter as well, exhibited on her sophomore release entitled Redemption.

A superb collection of Christian music, Redemption isn’t just the title of Trish’s new project, but it’s a reminder.  She wants every person to know that there’s nothing beyond the reach of God’s Redemption.

Introducing Trish

More About Trish

A native of Kokomo, Indiana, Trish is the youngest of four girls.  Raised by a single mother, she grew up in a family of singers in what she affectionately calls “a house of praisers”.  At the age of ten, the music bug bit her and she began singing at her home church, Grace Memorial Church of God In Christ.

After her salvation experience, she joined the church choir and ultimately co-founded a teenage gospel group called the Sweet Sounds of God at the age of 15.  The four young ladies traveled throughout the state of Indiana singing the songs of Zion.

The foursome gained popularity and were quite well known for their soul stirring singing.  Receiving invitation after invitation, they competed in competitions throughout the state.

You’re Worthy

In addition to singing, she always had a longing to pen songs.  A decision to take her mother’s poetry and put melody to it was the beginning of her songwriting career.  She also discovered she had a knack for arranging songs.  Through years of voice lessons paired with her continued spiritual growth, Trish got her voice back and obtained an array of vocal-enhancing skills that literally took her singing to another level.

Later, she formed the very first children’s choir at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia in 2000, where she faithfully served for 11 years.

She was the Lead Director for the Voices of Praise Choir as well as one of the Pastor’s select soloists. While there, she was inspired to work with a group of young girls, encouraging them to use their voices for the Lord. The group, Sisters of Praise, soon became a blessed expectation among the parishioners due to their uplifting performances.

In 2004, she formed the gospel ensemble, AHAVA, which consisted of nine members who worshipped at various churches throughout the Atlanta area. Many of the singers had no prior experience singing in public. She welcomed the opportunity to guide and develop these individuals into their ministry gifts.

Jokes on You

Always comfortable with singing as an ensemble or a member of a choir, she was quite apprehensive when she felt the call to step out as a soloist.  “It was very scary,” Trish recalls.  “For me, there was a safety net singing with a group or a choir, but God helped me through it. He sent two mentors my way and He helped me to face that fear.”

In 2008, she stepped into he studio and began to record the songs that the Lord had given her.  One year later, she released her first album entitled introducing…Trish.

On the debut record, she poured out her heart, sharing some of her most intimate thoughts and feelings.  Not only was the experience cathartic for the artist, but it allowed her to hone her writing skills as she embraced her new title as “recording artist”.

Live at the 2012 Yes Lord Radio Anniversary Party

Now, Trish has returned and released her sophomore project titled, Redemption. The project picks up where Introducing Trish left off. It continues with the message of hope, but steps it up a notch and focuses on those in need of true LOVE.

Each track has that dominant theme, reminding listeners that God’s acceptance and desire is that “ALL” men come to know of His saving grace.  It’s a message that Trish is passionate about.

She says, “The Church has been responsible for turning many away from the Body of Christ; however, Christ is about judging the sin and not the person. It is ONLY by God’s grace that we are not in the same condition of those we tend to judge.”

Redemption promises to encourage the hurting and ignite the passion of the spiritually starved.  Simultaneously, the musical collection takes the listener on a melodic ride during tracks such as “Love”, produced by Claudius Craig of 1 Man Band Studios, a song which as climbed the UK Soul Charts, and “Cheer up”, produced by CarltonC-DubWhitfield of C-Dub Productions.

Cheer Up on Babbie’s House

But it’s not just upbeat songs that Trish includes on this new release.  She also takes us into the Throne Room on intimate worship tracks like “I Don’t Know”, penned by Yvonne Perkins and “Here I Am”, written by Greg and Linda Smith of Full Circle Music.

Through each song on Redemption, Trish’s calling is clear.  She knows her charge is to speak to and for those who have lost their way and in need of compassion, understanding and patience, reminding them of Christ. Her prayer has always been, “Lord, help me to see your people through your eyes and not my own so I can properly minister to their hearts.”

In a time where the focus is on “preaching to the choir” Trish has been assigned with seeking the heart of God and drawing men unto Him through the same spirit that Christ demonstrated in the Word leaving no one unworthy.  She’s clear that all need Redemption.

Updates in 2011/12

In late 2011 the song  “Love”  caught fire on the radio and dancefloor in the United Kingdom. it hit #5 on the UK Soul Charts. The song’s popularity influenced the singer to record a remix of “Love” with Neil Tomo of Thompson & Thompson. On back of that success Trish return the favour on Thompson & Thompson new track “Higher & Higher” (You can buy both tracks below)

Style with Trysh Show promo






Trish Standley
“My #God”

“REDEMPTION” was awarded the CD of the Year
at the 2013 Rhythm of Gospel Awards
in Jacksonville, FL

Love (Neil Tomo UK-Mix)

Thompson & Thompson
ft Trish Standley
Higher & Higher