Amartré” is a conjunction of the names “Amar” and “Tre,” the sons of the labels Chief Executives Jay Gourdine, and Greg Griffin.

Being deeply rooted in music business for over 10yrs; Amartré desires to highlight, and showcase eclectic music to a vast and diverse target audience.  What better way to do it than to spread the soul sounds for free?

Amartre Ent

The founders are working to enhance current options available in the Neo-Soul circuit and are yearning for a return of the purest form of Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop/R&B with a twist of today’s flair.

Gourdine states “The Rap, Hip-Hop/R&B community has been recycling the same sounds, the same themes, and the same vibes for too long.  It’s time for something different.”

Hints the beginning of the “Life & Soul Vibes” series. “Because you GOT to have SOUL!”


It is the mission of Amartre’ Entertainment Inc.

to bring new and innovative artist’s music to the mainstream via a comprehensive partnership of music production companies, promotional firms, and the artists themselves.

Management will continually strive to supply the market with music that is in style and popular among its targeted demographics.

Princess La Tremenda Artist Spotlight (promoted by us)

Company Mission

To be one of the most prominent record labels/entertainment companies in the world.  Our organization will introduce a Trio of musical tastes: Hip Hop, R&B and Soul.

This music will provide entertainment across various age, race, and geographical boundaries, primarily targeting the demographic of urban 15-45 year-olds.

Company Descripion

Amartre’ Entertainment, Inc. will be one of the premier, global independent Rap / Hip-Hop / R&B/ Soul record labels.

The company will develop, produce, promote, market, and distribute our unique music products to a vast and diverse national and international audience.

Our niche is how we deliver our music to our customers; a combination of the traditional play time on the radio and a huge marketing campaign on the Internet to reach millions.

Amartre Ent Present Queen Aaminah 2010

The company founders are initially looking to enhance current options available in the Neo-Soul community.  The music our company will produce will be unlike anything ever heard.

Our organization will return to the purest form of Rap, Hip-Hop/R&B with a twist of today’s flair.  The Rap, Hip-Hop/R&B community has been recycling the same sounds, the same themes, and the same vibes for too long, which is one of the reasons that music sales have decreased in the past couple of years.

Storm – The Making Of…. (supported by us)

The listening public may accept the fact that they’re going to hear nonsense on the radio, but they are certainly not going to go out and SPEND their hard-earned money on recycled music.

When the public hears our new brand of Neo-Soul / Hip-Hop/ R&B, they hear that our artists are going to give them more than two good singles on an album.  Classic Hip-Hop is the latest rage – the public will buy!

D. Cody Suga (Official Music Video)(promoted by us)

Couple of months a true musical moment in the music industry.  NuVybe Records are working together on exciting musical projects with Amartre Entertainment.

This may be a small ripple at this time, but, this collaboration is ground breaking. In simple terms, NuVybe Records specializes in operations, production, and distribution.

While Amartre’ Entertainment specializes in the delivery of music using electronic marketing globally.Both companies have a common goal as indie labels to delivers to the masses the music they crave and which cannot be found mainstream radio etc.

Juliette ‘Love Me & My Hair’ Brought 2u by Amartre Ent

Juliette ‘Energy’ ft. a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL Brought 2u by Amartre Ent


The members of our organization have more than 10 years of combined experience in the industry and we understand the vast complexities of the music industry as well as the realities of finance, marketing, distribution, and promotion involved in the industry.

We are currently developing the means for artist production, exposure, and retail/wholesale, Internet, and point-of-performance distribution as our primary means of generating revenue.

Amartre Ent @ WMC Louie Vegas Beach Party 2010

Our organization will take this music and this industry to new heights with product the likes of which people in the Hip-Hop community have been enjoying and yearning for in recent years. Artist production is set to begin pending the acquisition of capital to fund our start up.

Amartre’ Entertainment, Inc. will reinvest all proceeds (minus loan repayment, operational costs, salaries, etc.) from product sales back into the company to sign, record, market and promote our artists and expand our organization.

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 Amartre Ent Presents Soul Meets House vol 1 Mixed by Dj Renay

Amartre Ent Presents Soul Meets House vol 2 Mixed by Dj Renay

Amartre Ent Presents Soul Meets House vol 3 Mixed by Dj Renay

Amartre Ent Presents Soul Meets House vol 4 Mixed by Dj Renay

Life & Soul Vol 1 mixed By Dj M Squared .

Slakah the Beatchild, Queen aAminah, Avery Sunshine, Eric Roberson, Green Tea

Life & Soul Vol 2 mixed By Dj M Squared .

Dwele, Darien, Leroge, Yahzarah, Sonya Mcguire

Life & Soul Vol 3 mixed By Dj M Squared .

King,Tamika Love Jones, Noel Gourdin, Tracy Cruz, N’Dambi

Amartre Ent Marketing & Promotions, Consulting

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