Lisa Deveaux singer/songwriter & producer

In possession of a soulful soprano kissed with jazzy overtones and a way with her pen that brings clarity to the workings of a woman’s heart, Lisa Deveaux caresses listeners with beautiful songs of love and a singular sound that hypnotizes.

For her second album, “Language of Love”, singer / songwriter Deveaux plumbs the depths of her heart to share personal statements about relationships – from the sweetest of intimacies to the most heartbreaking of separations.

Get To Know The Real Deveaux

Having gone through a bad relationship, she came out on the other side with a strong desire to tell her “real life truth” about love.

With the sincere vulnerability of a woman and the fearless expression of an artist, Lisa dives heart first into the secrets that a woman often holds back for fear of revealing too much of her soul.

Each song on Language of Love – seven co-penned by Lisa – speaks to a core emotion one feels within relationships. “Language of Love is a look into my journal,” the lady shares.

“It’s about being open, honest and willing to be hurt. Love is beautiful yet unpredictable – fragile and frustrating – and sometimes tragic.

No matter how hard some of my experiences have been, I have always survived by maintaining an optimistic perspective.”

Language of love

Key to Language of Love rockin’ you with a sound like no other was Lisa finding producer Tigran Saakian, a classically trained pianist, film composer and producer.

He specializes in music for films yet has a unique and vibrant pop music pulse, as evidenced on his work with Israel’s international singing superstars,  Googoosh.

“Tigran totally ‘got’ my musical vision of passion-filled melodies with rich production value,” she states.

Language of Love opens with the soul steppin bump of “Get Up On It,” a club anthem for every woman who’s ever fallen for one of those shy guys that didn’t know how to close the deal.

Lisa Deveaux: Language of Love

It’s the inner thoughts of a woman wanting to stay in her lane yet aching for him to merge with her. Here Lisa is comin’ with the kind of funk that’ll make a guy’s temperature rise and a girl wanna kick off her heels and party! The “old soul” in Lisa shines through in her other two up-tempos, rhythm driven covers of classics from 1977.

The first is “You Belong to Me” written by Michael McDonald (while still in the Doobie Brothers) and Carly Simon. Both recorded their own versions yet Lisa makes it her sensuous own with a groove fans of the originals will not believe.

The second is Rose Royce’s “Ooh Boy” which Lisa takes techno-pop, pulling you into a party world by finessing the legendary Norman Whitfield’s wistful lyrics in a way that’ll have folks fantasizing about that special someone across the dance floor.

The remainder of Language of Love is a gorgeous collection of originals. The cinematic sweep of Saakian’s production on “Finally”dreamily mirrors the way a man once swept Lisa off her feet.

Here the songwriter in Lisa emerges with a poignant look at the desire for love and the anxiety of wondering when it will appear. It’s a song for ladies and men alike – all waiting to “finally” fall in love.

The first single/video “Language of Love” came from a passionate love letter written to an ex but never mailed. It’s a snapshot of new love in its purest state – fresh, sexy, tender moments.

The scenario is somewhere between a fireplace and a rainy afternoon in a world where two bodies engage in the carnal conversation of ardor. Accordingly, Lisa’s layered harmonies mesh with the soprano sax of special guest Marion Meadows.

I just felt it necessary to delve into some other things with this record and create a connection with people. Language of Love is all me, sexy, vulnerable, open…and real.”

Could You Be the One” (produced and arranged by Donald Tavie) asks the question all lovers are trying to figure out. Lisa answers it  brilliantly in a song swirling in spiritual quandaries of romance, karma, and love-luck, all set to a soul-stepping groove.

Lisa Deveaux-Could You Be The One

Angel” is a bittersweet and heart-tugging piece that is a gateway of compassion and comfort for anyone who’s ever loved someone that passed away… At the other end of life’s spectrum is the hidden bonus track “Birthday Wish” which Lisa hopes will be embraced as a fresh yet timeless traditional number to celebrate the blessing of another year.

The remaining two songs showcase where Lisa Deveaux is coming from as a vocalist. The rapturous “This Time” (featuring pianist Terry Burrus) reveals Lisa’s early roots in the realm of Barbra Streisand.

In contrast, “Beautiful” (produced and arranged by Lou Hardin and Andre Taylor) – on which she luxuriates in the aura of a soul mate whose beauty is for her eyes only – finds Lisa reveling in another vocal influence: the sophisticated soul of Earth Wind & Fire.

Lisa Deveaux Live w/ ‘Beautiful’

Beautiful also aptly describes the bright light and boundless energy that is Deveaux. A bedazzling eyeful of Creole, Czech and Native American Indian heritage, the Chicago native was born to a showbiz father.

She hung out with daddy backstage but soon found her way on stage at the age of 11, performing with a repertory group and the Mayfair Academy. She further honed her artistic crafts at Florida A&M University and the prestigious Herbert Burghoff Studios in New York.

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Shakin’ That Jazz

Lisa then moved to Los Angeles singing background with now-departed legends Barry White and Phyllis Hyman before recording her own 2004 debut Shakin’ That Jazz which featured the hits “Second Nature,” “Lazy Monday Afternoon” and “By Design,” a duet with the peerless Carl Anderson that was among his last recordings.

SRO shows across America and throughout Europe endeared her to the international pop and smooth jazz worlds – from Rush Street in Chicago and the Blue Note in New York to cafés in Brussels and a jazz cruise in the Caribbean.

Language of Love

Now gifted songstress, producer and self-proclaimed “Island Girl” Lisa Deveaux returns with her Heaven-sent missive, Language of Love. It’s a musical mind excursion that’s riveting from start to finish and a sweet indulgence for lovers of all ages.

“I took time off to soul search on how best to translate my feelings about our quest for romance,” she concludes. “I’m not oblivious to the realities of what’s going on in the world.

I just felt it necessary to delve into some other things with this record and create a connection with people. Language of Love is all me, sexy, vulnerable, open…and real.”!/lisadeveaux

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