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Out of the neo soul stronghold of Atlanta and producer Kebomusic aka Derrick Pryce utilizes the immense vocal talent currently on the scene to produce ten varied tracks of contemporary yet inspirational songs for our times.

Steve Wallace takes the lead on the funky “Escalators”; Dawn McClain delivers the valuable message of “Live Give Love “in a deep with a beat style. The beautiful “Mind’s Eye” is next featuring Lenora Jaye on lead vocals.

On “I’m Still HereKenny Wesley sings  a tune perfect for the best dance floors where people feel the soulful side of new music.  Tracy Cruz sings on the album’s most up-tempo moment “All For You

In The Studio – Kebomusic and Lenora Jaye

Lasonya Gunter’s delivery on “Smile” is mid-tempo soulful R&B at its best. Kenny returns  on  the mid tempo “Indescribable” Lenora is back on the two stepping “Dreaming”. Amber Navran delivers another beautiful down-tempo tune in “Let It Go “before the album ends with another fine down-tempo moment featuring the saxophone of Derwin Daniels on the instrumental “Cadillac Dreams”.

In The Studio – Kebomusic and Dawn McClain

Mr. Pryce has used his skill and experience well here, this project delivers it is contemporary and varied enough to appeal to lovers of all types of modern soul and gospel. The songs are strong and the vocalists really talented and I can’t help feeling that some of the individual tracks if given the right remixes could break through on to a range of dance floors with support from the right people .

Kebomusic is Atlanta based music producer\keyboardist Derrick Pryce. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Derrick has spent the last several years in Atlanta crafting his own personal sound and playing keyboards for different bands and artists.

As a producer, he initially started shopping tracks to different artists for placement on their projects. This deemed somewhat successful, having produced 4 songs for Atlanta-based R+B artist Yen’s sophomore project and collaborating with jazz saxophonist Derwin Daniels for his 2007 CD Journey.

Kebomusic – Escalators feat Steve Wallace

The next logical step was to release his own material under the banner of his music production company – Kebomusic.

Inspired from influences such as jazz, R+B, hip hop and gospel, his forthcoming album slated for a 2011 release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience.

In anticipation to this upcoming album and to satisfy the listener’s need for good music right now, Kebomusic Presents: The Soul Prototype is now available exclusively as a digital release.

This EP is a precursor to the upcoming album and contains an array of top-notch vocalists singing over tightly-produced grooves that will definitely make your head nod.

This is a must have for any music fan!

Kebomusic – Smile feat. Lasonya Gunter







Derrick Pryce


Kebomusic Presents:

The Experience  by Kebomusic