Terri Carroll started singing in her grandmother’s “sanctified” church at the age of 3.  At 17, her professional career began with her writing and singing commercial jingles that were aired on Chicago area radio stations. Terri experienced college, the army, marriage and motherhood.

Sometimes there was room for the music and sometimes not.  The break-up of her marriage, however, signaled a need for Terri to go back to what she knew best; singing.  With 3 small children to raise, Terri hit the Atlanta club scene.

Terri Carroll “Take The City” directed by Darryl D Lassiter

She went from fronting one of Atlanta’s premiere jazz bands, to leading her own in just a few short years.  But there was a dark and abiding secret that tugged steadily at the edges of Terri’s dreams to be a great songstress.

She had been introduced to drugs and alcohol years earlier and their affects had rapidly become hard to manage.  One day in 1996, a knock at her door brought a message from the Lord.

It was her old high school friend and beau turned record producer; Terry Garmon.  He wanted to do a gospel project and the rest is history. Terri’s debut project released on CGI records in 1998, earned her two nominations at the 14th Annual Stellar Awards.  Unfortunately the demise of that record label, resulted in Terri finding herself without a deal and no clout.

TERRI CARROLL : Cant Nobody do me like JESUS

She was out of the “loop”.  But the same God that delivered Terri from the demons of chemical dependency, is the same God whose face she sought for answers about what to do next.

In 2005, Terri released an EP entitled “Holding Out 4 God” produced by Paul Persley.  Says Terri, “Holding Out 4 God is so special because it represents, for me, the challenges of working outside of the mainstream gospel industry machine.

As an independent artist with virtually no budget, it was definately a step out on faith.  I had to depend solely on God.”


Terri has starred in several gospel stage plays including “Can A Hoochie Become First Lady?” featuring Keith Sweat; “Listen to the Spirit; and  in April 2007 the critically acclaimed “True Love“. Currently, Terri is is recording her sophomore music cd.

Terri has also spread her creative wings with the filming of her first movie short, “This Is Not Your Destination” which she wrote, produced, cast and had a principle lead role in.  She also was assistant director and the movie wrapped in February 2009.

Currently,Terri has a new single release entitled “Happy” which is available at http://www.terricarroll.bandcamp.com, iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital outlets.  She is also pursuing a double degree in Business and Media Production with a concentration in film.


  “I feel so blessed that God has given me His love and strength; my children and family;and an opportunity to do His work through song.

“Terri’s advice to other aspiring artists?” Whatever God has for you, he has equipped you fully for it.  Continue seeking His face and operating in His Will for your life.

The race is not given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endureth until the end.  Never quit!”

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