To say that this lady is talented is an understatement. Singer, Songwriter, Spoken Word Artist, Producer, Arranger, Vocal Coach, Performance Coach, and Educator.

NeoSouljah has been working in the music/theater/spoken word industry for many years, however was discovered and named by Stellar/Dove award winning gospel music artist Babbie Mason in 2003 at her National Music Conference.

In a mere 9 years, NeoSouljah or “Neo”, has directly worked with, or shared stages with many established and upcoming artists:

HBO Def Poetry Jam/Peabody award winners Tamika Harper [Georgia Me] and “AbyssGraham, to producing, arranging and performing vocals on as well writing a spoken word piece Brian O’Neal’s [KEM] 2007 project entitled “Daisy” (special guest performer/host at CD release party).

Sister Girl (Live) – Soul of A Woman Expo

Her sound check brought the set-up to a standstill, and later KEM desbcribed her performance as “amazing”. She was the first ever Spoken Word Artist on a major platform at National conferences for the National Society of Black Engineers/NSBE [2 yrs Standing Room Only].

National conferences of various sectors of the Christian church [guest speaker], first a guest then Headliner at Philadelphia’s Spotlight on Jazz & Poetry Festival [by popular demand].

Most recently, the Tri-C Jazzfest Inaugural Poetry and Jazz Jam Session [artist/host] which is the largest Jazz festival in Ohio and arguably the Midwest.

Poetic Eulogy (Tribute to Michael Jackson)

Most recently, the Tri-C Jazzfest Inaugural Poetry and Jazz Jam Session [artist/host] which is the largest Jazz festival in Ohio and arguably the Midwest.

Sharing the stage with World renowned trumpeter Sean Jones, her performance was hailed as “incredible” NeoSouljah has a 5 octave range which lends towards the contralto/tenor register.

This complete with a rich, smoky speaking voice has afforded her work doing everything from indie radio voiceovers to demos of music for other songwriters.

To her credit Neo has performed nearly every kind of music: Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Neo Soul, Country & Western and Gospel. And now.. finally, her debut CD. While still infant in it’s appearance onto the Indie Neo Soul scene, NSV has already garned praise from DJ’s and industry execs, as well as label and indie artists in the USA, Japan, Sweden, and EUROPE.

Daze ft. Ace Boogie – NeoSouljah.

They have had the chance to experience the rapidfire staccato of her spoken word and tight 6 part harmonies on “EniGMa”, the soulfulness of her collaboration with Ace Boogie on “Daze”, the clean but sensous delivery of ‘COLORS”, and most notably, the true interpretation of straightahead jazz on “Like I Do”

NSV is the brainchild of Michael Lee Loyd [MLee Entertainment], Ace Boogie [Nappy Groove Records], Rob Hardt [The Candy Factory, EUROPE], and NeoSouljah. A rarity in music today, it boasts a majority of LIVE production:

Working with [Michael Loyd, keys/synth/piano; Rob Hardt, keys/synth; Vinnie Mansfield, Lead/Bass, Brandon Austin, Drums; Shenole Latimer, Saxophone] and all BGV are hers – no autotunes or pitchbending.

Like I Do

With topics ranging from God to sex, Neo’s delivery of Spoken Word is crisp with a cadence that is as hypnotic as the accompaniment. The intro cut “EniGMa” is an indicator that this is not your ordinary bongo/flute poetry CD as the razor sharp delivery is back-dropped with 6 part harmonies reminiscent of Manhattan Transfer or Take 6.

Old School

Her penmanship is next level, choosing to edge away from the more ‘street’ style of language and challenge the hearer to embrace a more mature approach, as heard on “COLORS”, a rich , sensual, erotic presentation of ‘the morning after’.

The tenor of the project is most decidedly seated in Jazz, however there are a few surprises in R&B [‘Truth Love”], Rock [Pantys on Da Stage], and Hip-Hop [Daze] “Poetic Eulogy.

NSV has received nods from several DJ’s around the world, with the straight-ahead torch “Like I Do”, traditional jazz “Put Ur Bk N2 It”  and hip-hop infused DAZE (Do You Remember)having now been played in 14 countries. Not bad for an indie debut.. by word of mouth…. By a “poet”.

In writing her bio we found it hard to do a summation… because there is so much left out with regards to her accomplishments, and so much more to put in pertaining to her future endeavors.  So we simply say:  Enjoy.  If this is only Chapter 1? We are in for a fantastic read.


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