Brenda Nicole Moorer is the sweetest voice to grace a microphone, a distinctly haunting airy voice, a simple breath of fresh air.

A songbird in her own right, her 4 octave vocal range and heartfelt story like lyrics will capture your attention even before her sweet demeanor. Being named after her grandmother, Brenda’s old school, girl next door name, reflects her music and style.

A songwriter, composer, piano player, guitar player, and actress sees all too much for one artist to wrangle. But, Brenda humbly does so as a seemingly meek and mild figure encompassing jazz stylized vocals with a soulful pop, and an indie feel.

Space- Original Song at Apache cafe

She brings the great jazz singers to the modern day pop culture.  Her music is fresh mixing the old and the new.  She can stand up tall right next to Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Alanis Morisette.

Her music is reminiscent of sounds from Amel Larrieux, Fiona Apple, Sade, and John Mayer.  She’s soul, she’s jazz, she’s indie pop, in a loosely structured, melodic flare of brilliance; she’s a unique artist in this generation.

Growing up she listened to singers like Billie Holiday, Ani Difranco, Bjork, Alanis Morsiette, Sade, Donnie Hathaway, Nina Simone, Dave Matthews Band, and Sarah Vaughan.  Her influences cover a wide variety of genre, and the eclectic mix is apparent in her music.

Autumn Leaves -Brenda Nicole Moorer

Some would think this 24 year old is too young to appreciate such a variety of icons; but, she proves differently with songs like “Listen” and “Autumn Leaves” from her upcoming album, Songbird; to be released on her label, Yellow orchid Records, later this year.

Brenda’s depth and variety of music can be attributed to her varied upbringing. Being exposed from a variety of cultures, from the inner city of Milwaukee Wisconsin to the brilliant culture of Copenhagen, Denmark; Brenda has lived in Toronto, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and finally Atlanta Georgia.

Her music runs deep being the granddaughter of the Lead singer Alvis Moorer, from the 60’s hit group, The Esquires. Brenda is emerging to the front line after being in Dave Hollister’s girl group NIA and singing background for dozens of artists including jazz vocalists Julie Dexter.

Closer-Cover of Corinne Bailey Rae by Brenda Nicole Moorer

Don’t think this songbird lacks onstage experience; she has a list of gigs under her belt including opening for Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Mya, and Omarion; as well as singing across stages in America all the way to the Netherlands.

She even craftily did some gigs singing backstage in the green rooms of Anita baker, Patti Labelle, and Yolanda Adams. This young woman is a true artist, sticking truly to what she believes is good music.

Formerly signed with Universal Australia, she ditched the poppy dance tunes to sing what she felt in her heart and soul, the real stories of her life, the best songs unwritten.  Brenda Nicole Moorer says “music has to be done with purpose to matter at all.”

Sings cover “Love Is You” and original Autumn Leaves

She works to create music that listeners can identify with, and not only to make them dance, but to move their hearts and change their minds. She released a single in 2001 with her former London based label MAPP records. The single hit #2 at the young age of 15.

She is a self-taught guitar and piano player, and an extraordinary writer.  She got her writing chops first by co-writing her music with Keisha Miles, hit songwriter for Ciara.

Her first song ever written, Ordinary Guy, was a huge success among the locals of Atlanta, GA. She went on to release the Songbird EP in 2006, which has now evolved to the full album, Songbird.

Sings Ne me Quitte (my tribute to the song) and Listen

The EP sold hundreds of copies and created quite a buzz for the budding indie star. Brenda says, “I really don’t like having to fit into a genre, so I write from whatever it is Im feeling or thinking at the moment; wether it comes out sounding soul or pop is inconsequential.”

In person, Brenda Nicole Moorer seems sweet and shy, but if you catch her on stage you’ll find that it is home to her, with a stage presence that commands attention as she sings beautiful melodies atop a live violin, cello, bass, brilliant keys, and guitar.

She can be seen as the leading lady in several music videos being released this year in the US. Truly unforgettable, this girl belongs on a grand stage with full orchestra backing her.  She was nicknamed Songbird by jazz singer Julie Dexter, and Brenda’s voice definitely fills up the name.

A professional actor, Brenda has a theater and film resume that would surprise you, and her flare for character that shines through on stage and off.  She feels that film acting is the truest form of herself she can be, and wants to continue pursuing film, holding a career in film and music.

You Make Me

Currently, Brenda is preparing for her first album release and continues to follow the music in her heart, striving to release her music independently, until the rest of the world catches her beat; inspiring one soul at a time to feel something…anything…hopefully something…great.

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