Deirdre “Dei Va” Gaddis

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Deirdre “Dei Va” Gaddis is a recording artist with BLG Music Group’s 111 East Records which is based in Burlington, NJ and is owned by James Bratton.

Her debut project, “Life in the Key of Dei” was released in March of 2011, and has received rave reviews in the U.K, France, Germany, and Japan to name a few.  Her video premiered in July 2011 for the track “This Funky Ride of Life” which is her own personal testament to self-empowerment and building self-esteem.

Happy Feelings

Dei has been involved in music since age 8.  Dei says, “It has always been my release.  It allows me to escape the pressures of reality and enter into a haven of peace even when life would dictate otherwise…” The daughter of a Baptist Minister, Dei’s roots have always been firmly planted in God, even rendering her talents as a church musician since the age of 12.

 “I must use the gifts God gave me.  It’s the least I can do for Him after He’s done so much for me!”

Deirdre Gaddis singing live at the Plum Bar

Dei’s music is set to inspire a generation of dreamers.  She writes of her own life experiences both good and bad… “Everything I’ve been through has helped me to become what and who I am today.

There’s always someone else who’s taken a couple of the same twists and turns in life that I have.  That’s why my music reaches so many… they can identify with it.”

Deirdre Gaddis “This Funky Ride Of Life”

Dei’s project, “Life in the Key of Dei” is available for electronic download from Amazon, Rhapsody, emusic, and iTunes to name a few.  It is also available as a hard copy CD from CD Baby where it is downloadable as well.

You can catch Dei’s video on YouTube and Vimeo. Dei has an Amazon store, a company website –, a Facebook Fan PageDeirdre Gaddis, and a YouTube channelDeirdreGaddisTV – where you can view several different live performances as well as her official “Funky Ride” video and bonus Behind the Scenes footage..


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