There is grit that lies underneath the raw vocals of Dame Alexander.

His early musical canvas was painted by bbq’s in Haddington Park in Philadelphia PA and in the living room of his grandmother Catherine Alexander. In both places the musical soul of Philadelphia both old and new, filled the air.

Ever-present though was the inherent violence in the streets of this American metropolis. It is thru the struggle to maintain balance in the asphalt jungle, that Dame Alexander pens his stories.

And what’s the story? Dammien was a very, very bad boy. Not misunderstood, no preconceived prejudice due to color, he was just bad. How did he get that way? Dad left.

Mom worked and the streets worked on him.  Sometimes dad worked on mom, in front of the whole neighborhood. Friends died, lots of them from bullets. Quite a few went to prison because of murder or cocaine, or both.


At the age of 12 he became homeless. Then he became a foster child. This is the abridged version, things got worse. Things did get better eventually. Then Dame gained faith thru people that cared. Sports saved his life, particularly basketball. He pursued his calling to both passions when he enrolled at Mid America Christian University.

Then he became an all-American athlete. Later that year he would befriend a rowdy Canadian point guard at a summer camp in New York. The precocious Newfoundlander would convince him to move north of the border.

He would secure a scholarship at the University of Cape Breton and become team MVP and a second team All-Conference selection. Still as the sunset, the sounds of Philadelphia would haunt him in the sea-misted night of the maritime’s.

Let’s Stay Together

But something else was creeping in as well, the sounds of down home rock and roll in a little seaport town called Halifax. Armed with a Korg Triton and an acoustic guitar Dame would fuse the two genres, and carve a new niche.

In the summer of 2009 DammienDameAlexander would birth a new project, Gentlemen Deluxe. Then for the better part of 2 years he would record two records. One would be a soul tinged indie pop rock album (yet to be titled) and the second is an urban dance/r&b/hip-hop LP aptly titled “Light The Night”.

Light The Night” is scheduled for a FALL 2011 release. This 12-track romp promises to be the surprise album of the year. The lead off single “BANG IT OUT” is the aperitif to the full menu of gourmet dance infused r&b/hip-hop. Peppered with sexy lyrical wordplay and epic choruses, “Light The Night” fits firmly in the international pop urban Omni verse.

Dame Alexander – Paralize

Under his given name, the first solo release “Beautifully” (2007) the primarily self-produced effort that would be licensed to the Toronto based independent label Curve Music to be distributed by Universal Records Canada.

The album featured an acoustic pop rock sound that would earn Dammien a Music Nova Scotia Award for “Urban Recording” He would then create a 30 sec. mini-vid/commercial “V.iolence I.nterrupts B.eauty for E.veryone” for Much Music that is still in rotation on the MUCH VIBE Network after 4 years.

One of the album’s B-sides “Friendship” would also be licensed to the OMNI Network to be played on an episode of the urban drama “Metropia“. He would then set off to prove his raw acoustic soul-tinged sound and tour the east coast & Ontario Canada with appearances at CMW, The ECMA‘s and Music Nova Scotia industry showcases.

Dame Alexander – Resist Babylon

He would also be invited to teach a seminar on urban fusion at the 2007 Atlantic Jazz Festival.  In 2008 Dammien followed his initial success up with “We Are Who We Have Been Waiting For” on Live Village Records (nationwide digital. Itunes, FYE) the independent label that he and Bus Stop Theatre founder Howard Beye created.

That album was signed by Sound Of Pop Inc and serviced to Ole Publishing. The album was made available to US and Canadian Universities. The album would enjoy 7 top 20 placements. In 2008 He would TOUR The UK, ASIA, CANADA and the US in support of the record.

Live Village Records was also instrumental in the development and launching of the careers of Canadian newcomer Marinda Lavut Aka FERAL BLISS and Canadian Starmaker fund winner SHOBHA, who’s debut album placed a single “At Your Feet” at #27 on the Canadian Billboard Charts.

Damien Alexander & The Gentlemen Deluxe

Both artists have gone on to win Toronto Independent Music Awards and national acclaim. Dammien Alexander produced FERAL BLISS’S debut the critically embraced  “WHITE NOISE INTERMISSION”.?Recently Dammien grabbed the helm for yet another singer songwriter by the name of Naomi Psalm hailing from Boise Idaho.

Her project The Blue Cinema has already begun to turn heads. The 6-song EP demonstrates further Dame’s understanding of composition, songwriting and performance. Listen for yourself at: Dammien’s biggest source of pride comes not when he rocks a crowd but when he can support charity fundraising events/projects with his talent.

He has helped raise thousands of dollars thru his participation in events such as, Musicians For Haiti (Proceeds were donated to The Red Cross Canada), The Art Of Fashion (International AIDS Charity Event), Songs for the Homeless (Action to raise funds for the homeless of Halifax Nova Scotia), Tony Griffin Foundation (Cancer Research) to name a few.

Gentlemen Deluxe TV



LIGHT THE NIGHT” is the second project under the GENTLEMEN DELUXE BRAND. “BANG IT OUT” the lead single is unique in that it features but two instruments voice and drums. With its primal thump and Dammien’s gruff delivery, this track is a fail-safe for any DJ to get the club ramped up into a fever pitch. Impact Date FALL 2011

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