Eclectic. Intriguing. Delicious.

These are just some of the many adjectives that describe the sound of Teisha Marie. So, what about her style? It’s inviting. It’s Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin meets Nancy Wilson and Debussy.

This England-born/Maryland-raised singer-songwriter, is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and poet. She’s also one who’s not afraid to take risks. After graduating from Spelman College (where she studied Music History and Theory) in Atlanta, Georgia, Teisha Marie then headed to Philadelphia.

Tastemakers Soul at Vibz Uptown n Hartford

“At that particular time, Philadelphia was experiencing a rebirth of the ‘Philly sound‘, and it was great to be fully immersed in it. I got a chance to meet the greats, like Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Bunny Sigler, and many others,” she says.

Performing all around the east coast in DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York has proved to be both enlightening and exhilarating. Teisha reflects: “Performing for me is a way to connect with people and create an intimate experience. Music is a passion for me and I love to share my excitement every chance I get.”

Teisha Marie – LIVE – The Sugar Bar – NYC

Fast-forward to the present: Her debut album, Addicted to Life – The LP, conveys sounds of hope, love and appreciation of life’s complexities. Songs like “More Important” and “Inner Truth” touch on the value of self-reflection and sincerity.

While “Addicted to Life” encourages listeners to listen to follow their own path. Where does her songwriting inspiration come from?  “One word: life.

Life isn’t one-dimensional, so why should music be that way? Music is definitely a universal language, and I want people to listen, and understand exactly what it is I’m trying to say.” With one listen, it’s affirmed that Teisha Marie definitely has a “message in the music.”

Teisha Marie’s Addicted to Life

Teisha Marie – Sangs

Look out for her forthcoming album, “The Girl from Nowhere”

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