Musical Intelligence – Encompasses the capability to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones and rhythms.

Iesha is one that possesses this intelligence. Iesha’s sound is the product of a jazz guitarist and a gospel singer. She is one of 8 children originally from Stockton, CA. Her family moved to Portland, OR. and this would become the platform for her ever-growing career.

When iesha was just 9 years old she discovered she had a talent for song writing and singing. Iesha continued to write. Iesha started to branch out and sing hooks for local rappers, some were ankle biters other’s ferocious beasts just as hungry for it as she.

Through networking Iesha met a few producers interested in the barter system. She was able to trade hooks for tracks, that way she was able to add music to the lyrics she had been writing. Around this time Iesha met Big Deal who was also in the music business as a DJ. He became her manager and still is to this day.

Iesha Spinks f/Black Notes singing Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor

They then started working on projects as a duel and begin weeding out the things she had outgrown. Big Deal started setting up shows at local clubs and open Mic’s. Iesha then started receiving requests to sing at clubs and before bands.

At this point the melodic duo decided they would no longer wait for something to happen, they would do it themselves. After an engineer found out what kind of program she was using he encouraged her to play around and try it herself.

Iesha not sure, took his advice, became really familiar with the program and started to record, mix and master herself. Iesha recorded her album and released Amethyst Feb. 13, 2010!

Iesha Spinks W/The Lab Rats 12/29/10 Take Flight

Iesha is currently in the studio recording her second offering “Dark RnB”  to release late 2011

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Forthcoming single “Town Goes”

19th Annual Good In The Hood Multicultural Music