Deslyn Leyland was born in Portland, Jamaica, the last of 14 children to Mr. & Mrs.Wray.  As a child I felt like a little Princess doll, because I would always dress up in my older sister’s fine clothes and that made me feel like a super star.

At the age of 8 I went to boarding school and it was there that I had my first taste and experience with singing.

My head teacher Mr. Lindsey gave me singing lessons and placed me in a concert where I would perform for the local village.

I sang “Que Sera, Sera ” and it was this musical performance that lead to a passion and desire to become a performing artist.

Deslyn Leyland Background

As I matured in to a young lady, I attended Boston College in Kingston Jamaica for 3 years and qualified as a stenographer. I was also employed to work at that same college for 18 months.

Time went by quickly and pretty soon I would be leaving my home land to go and live in England. Now 19yrs old and residing in a place called Dudley, I decided to go back to school and study nursing.

After qualifying as a nurse, I got married in 1957 at the age of 21 and eventually was blessed to bare 4 children. My life during this time was very hard and stressful. The strain of marriage had taken its toll on me, and eventually I got divorced.

Deslyn Leyland – ‘Hi There’

I committed over 35 yrs to a career in nursing, but all along my passion was to sing and perform. After retiring from nursing I taught in a town called Alderley Edge for 5 yrs as a certified counselor.

In my spare time I played a key role as a singer in my local church choir and performed in theatre productions based within my local town of Congleton.

One of my greatest achievements was performing in a New York play called “Singing in the Rain” and “Macordo”.

Deslyn Leyland The Song

The time has now come for God to do a mighty work in me and so I’m stepping out to pursue my passion and desires. Led by a vision to now also write, I wrote a song which also contains Spanish dialect that goes as follows

First Single

In May of this year I attended a church convention and I was prophesied over by a minister who stated that “I would be blessed with something special in my life”.

After this blessing was spoken over me, it led me to write a second song The Wind of Change. I have now had the opportunity to perform these songs at a live a venue Abbey Hulton.

Thank you Godfrey Fletcher (Neo2soul) and Jay Gardiner for giving me the chance and believing in me. This is the start of great things to come.