Coco Brown aka Sophia Smith is a UK Neo-Soul indie singer/songwriter and promoter born in the city of Birmingham. Coco has been singing from the age of 8 years old, and her career has gone from appearing on local radio stations, to also making her mark at local City venues.

After years of collaborating with musicians and producers from her home town, Coco has now broadened her horizons and just collaborated with Adante, Malik from MD7 & Preacher who is featured on the Amy WinehouseValerie remix. Miss Brown is confident and self assured that she is now ready to show the world her talent and style.

Coco describes herself as a solo artist who has a deep passion for hearty music, in addition to putting her energies in to other projects that she is a part of. One of the projects that she holds dear to her heart is the U-Turn project, which she joined in 2010 that brings together UK, US & Canadian artists who collaborate to bring great music back from the yester years.

U Turn

The U-Turn project is put together by Godfrey Fletcher (Neo2soul) & Herb Middleton (Nuvybe Records). Coco has a song that will be on the forthcoming album out in early summer 2012 called “Dreams” produced by Herb who is also responsible for the production of other artists, such as Faith Evans, Nas, Phyllis Hyman and Mary J Blige.

Miss Coco Brown @ Hip Hop Central.Birmingham UK

In 2011 Coco got involved with a live band from London called The LIGHT BENDING BAND (L.B.B.) which was formed in July 2011 A.D. by Cartel3i of the infamous LAZERKRU.

The Lazettes are another group that consists of resident singers; Coco, Syrona MarieAudra Mc Kenzie, Andrea Clarke & Clover Ray. Collectively the L.B.B. emits the West London sounds of Broken-beats Future Jazz, a UK derived legacy.

Other genres include: Drum & Bass, House, Funk, Soul, Latin, Afro-beat, Experimental, Nu-soul, Neo-soul, Jazz, rare grooves & more. Music world and other faithful followers look out for 2 songs soon to be coming your way from the Lazettes in 2012.

Coco Brown – I Never Knew prod by Ylla

In 2011 I took a journey to the USA, where i met some wonderful people, also it became a spiritual, an emotional and physical building trip for me. The first week involved me staying in North Carolina. Hooking up with a drummer/ entertainment manager (Now my USA agent)
Dononvan ‘Cricket’ Mccaskill.

While during the time there  some strong connections where made. I was introduced to a producer by the name of 19 who runs his own recording, production & publishing label.

Meeting 19 was a big thing to me because he was the first of several  USA producers that I had met during my journey.

Unknowing to me 19 was expecting me and had shared during  our initial meeting that he had been waiting for me to come over to record for two  years.

During this visit we went through several tracks and I left with 12. I immediately started writing and then went back in the studio laying down my ideas. More contacts was made and studio time was schedule for when I got back from ATL with producers Shaun Davis, LanFouji & D Luv.

Then I went on to ATL, where I stayed with a phenominal  spoken word artist  Daynaomi IrRegularflow. I met her after speaking  via Facebook for such a long time. When I finally arrived she asked me to participate in her performance that night which I gladly accepted.

Lupe Fiasco ‘Kick Push’ Own rendition – entitled ‘Dreams’

I saw for my own eyes that the struggles people face in the UK are just the same if not worse in the USA.  I performed in two locations first up @ Indie Soul Mixer.

I performed one of my forthcoming singles  “Dreams” also a duet with Daynaomi IrRegluarflow on the remake of FloetrySay Yes“. The second place I performed at was a place called the Chocolat Bar.

I did an accapella of one of my favourite song by Sunshine AndersonHeard It All Before” this tore the house down and the fact that the crowd joined in made me feel accepted.

I learnt that nothing truthly happens before it’s time and my time is now. This trip has helped me to really appreciate the little things I take for granted. Now it only onwards and upwards for me no matter what obstacle is placed in my way. I learnt more about myself as an artist more passionate and hungry to share the music I write and sing.

UPDATE in 2012

Since the release of my first single “I Never Knew” in March 2012, I decided to take a step back from music to re-evaluate my place as an artist. Although sudden, the time taken out was very much needed it gave me time to consider the direction I longed to go into in terms as a career move.

I am happy to now say that I have since set up an entertainment company, by the name of Four Elements Entertainment where I am co-founder. We specialise in developing individuals professionally and recreationally using “The Arts” as a medium to interact and engage clients.

In addition to this I have also been working with a phenomenal team to bring to the forgotten city of Birmingham (UK) “Coco’s Live Lounge” which launches this October 2012. Look out for my new mixtape called The Art Of Word Vol 1 in September with Vol 2 to follow. Also working on 2 EP’s for the first fall of 2013.

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