She’s spent most of her life behind the scenes of the music business. She sang hooks for pioneering female rapper, Sweet Tee.  She was the Executive Assistant to Hip-Hop legend, LL Cool J.

The queen of Hip-Hop Soul – Mary J. Blige calls her talented friend. After many years in the background, Davia is ready to grace the center stage with an exciting debut recording.

Introducing Davia is the title of her long-awaited EP and a public invitation to experience a fresh perspective in the independent soul genre. Davia’s style is silky lush vocals  wrapped in melody with skillfully crafted songwriting

 “I am a woman steeped in love, with a lot to say and so grateful for the voice to say it. It took a while to get here but I am a confident artist with a clear vision for my music.”

Live at Indie Soul Mixer Atlanta 2011

Grammy award winning powerhouse producer, Kevin Deane completes her sound with his stellar Jazz/R&B musicianship and expert production technique. The result is a project that is both comfortably soulful and refreshingly progressive.

It’s a perfect cocktail of Soul & Jazz on the rocks! Davia’s approach to her career is also quite organic and reminiscent of the early days of artist development in the music industry.

Davia – I Know

Prior to recording any of her original songs, she rehearsed, jammed and performed extensively with her jazz band to solidify her comfort level and live performance technique.

Davia gleaned an intuitive understanding of musicianship and improvisation that is clearly illustrated on her debut EP. Introducing Davia’s is sincere soul music with no chaser, fluff or filler.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing … Davia