Andre - Temptations CoverTemptations Review

We have a rising soul music star in the form of Californian Andre De Priest who has produced eight tracks of killer soul music, with lyrics that actually mean something.

”A soulful journey through relationships and the temptations driving the human spirit” according to the promotional blurb and for once it’s right.

In this life” is a killer mid tempo groove as Andre’s soulful vocals tells us that he will be there for his woman. The Album manages to combine a slightly retro feel whilst sounding fresh for 2013.

Get over you” is a  great example of this with a beat that goes way back in the day but a hook that his bang up to date and stays in your head, this should be a dance floor fixture in decent soul clubs for 2013, “Let’s get down tonight” is another perfect mid tempo groove.

On the slower side “Stuck on you” is a great jam featuring female mc Miss.She.iLL . “If you’re ready” is a simple beautiful slow jam, compared a lot of other releases from more famous artists this set stand head and shoulders above the competition.  (To buy it click photo) you won’t regret it.

Reviewed by DJ Johnny f (Six Towns Radio Soul & Funk show

Twitter; @johnnyfstoke ~ Thursday 7-9pm UK time

Andre’ DePriest – If You’re Ready

André DePriest is a cat you meet on the street and want to get to know in a heartbeat. With one thoughtful look he makes you think about yourself, the world and what’s in store for you.

DePriest has been involved with music since the age of 7 when he received his first Casio keyboard. “I knew from the very first key I pressed on that Casio, music was the love of my life”.

Like most American youth, DePriest dabbled with his passion playing trumpet and practicing voice all the way through his teens before reluctantly putting it to rest for an education.

The next time DePriest rekindled his childhood love affair occurred immediately after receiving a degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May 2005.

Andre’ DePriest – Alright

“I remember sitting with my mother in a restaurant about 20 minutes after leaving the graduation stage. She looked at me and said, ‘So what now’.Before I could think about a reply, music slipped from my lips and I haven’t looked back”.

With that said, it is easy to understand why DePriest is a much needed remedy to an industry begging for fresh, creative sounds. After releasing 1000 copies of his first full-length LP MirrorSoul in late 2009, DePriest spent the better part of 2010 refining his sound and mastering his craft.

André DePriest is ready to emerge as a seasoned veteran ready to take the music world by storm.  When asked, about his future goals, DePriest had only one thing to say, “I just wanna mix, life and soul together and see what comes out“.

Now in 2013 DePriest has released a new EP called “Temptations,” a soulfully journey through relationships and the temptations driving the human spirit. The project blends André’s soulful voice over traditional neo-soul backgrounds with hypnotizing and electrifying rhythms.


Artist Manager : Roger Greer
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