Born Terry Echols, was raised in Perry, GA by a single mom who became a severe alcoholic.

As a result of her addiction and questionable choices, he and his mom were often left without electricity, new clothes, new eyeglasses and toys, but despite those unpleasant times, ECHO’s mom was still an encouraging factor in his life.

As a matter of  fact, his mom was responsible for introducing him to music by purchasing his first keyboard. This small gesture opened up the doors for ECHO’s imaginative inspiration to unfold.

Its sparked the beginning of his creativity through writing, reading and music, but, unfortunately, because of the perils of his mom’s addiction, his keyboard had to be pawned and the cycle of instability continued.

Gospel, Hip Hop, Echo!!!

After having to repeat 5th grade due to multiple absences in school, ECHO was sent to live with his father, new mother and two brothers in Athens, GA. It was in Athens where ECHO was able to act as a child without the burden he carried while living with his mother in Perry.

His new environment provided him with normalcy, a functional family and the opportunity to dream big. ECHO has often said that living with his father and new mother saved his life and helped him to transition into a secure, confident man.

Because of his confidence, he was able to excel as a teen, pursue a college education and establish a better rapport with his salvation. During his freshman year in college, he became more serious about his studies, his life and his love for Jesus.

All He Has Done live

Even though he became very familiar with Scripture as a teen, he desired to establish a closer relationship with Christ. His new relationship with God allowed him to find peace, love and freedom in the Gospel. This authentic commitment and strong relationship transitioned into the birth of ECHO.

ECHO’s passion for his new love of Jesus Christ with his first love of music led him to begin writing songs that he could introduce to others regarding the unwavering love of God. His goal was to make everyone feel as joyous and encouraged as he felt when he was introduced to God’s amazing love and grace.

During his journey, ECHO tried several different avenues, but eventually ran across the CEO of Rich Productions, John Richmond and a producer/engineer named Bari who helped to mature his ministry in terms of his delivery of the Gospel.

They challenged him to think outside of his box and to become more than a rapper and producer, but to become a well-rounded artist. His interactions with both mentors lead him to the production of his first official CD titled “The Forecast” at Rich Productions.

ECHO at Redlight Cafe

It was an EP that allowed fans to become more familiar with his ministry and mission. Though it wasn’t highly promoted, it was well received and allowed ECHO to minister at a number of events, churches, and open mics in the Atlanta area.

ECHO used the lessons learned along his journey and decided to hibernate in his studio for days at a time to cultivate his gifts of writing and production.

When ECHO’s emerged from his spiritual sabbatical, he was overwhelmed and rejuvenated by the growth in the quality and creativity of his music.

ECHO’s established his own label, Echo Music Group, in 2009, giving him the ability to fully exercise the vision God had given him. ECHO’s re-dedication led to him not only being nominated, but also winning a gospel award.

ECHO Goes Ham!

ECHO’s energy and sacrifices have lead to his current project, “The Preview”. This spirit based disc will allow listeners to observe what is to come from his full length CD slated for release in 2012.


As ECHO prepares for this venture, he is thankful for the task he has been given, the experiences he has dealt with as a child, the unfortunate loss of his mother as an adult and the connection he has with his savior, Jesus Christ.

Please continue to support ECHO as he contiues to inspire hope in Jesus Christ through Transparent.Testimony. Please join him on this journey!