A new decade is here, the hour and season have come. The seed’s been planted, the soil watered, the ground agitated and NOW the time has arrived to present to the world an abundant harvest known as Jackyee. Through pain, tears and rejection, destiny was re-introduced to purpose and from that union, a worshipper was produced.

It’s been said that “with her jazzy R&B grown up style, her music goes beyond the sound where the words transform the mind and the heart.”

Jacqueline Denise Carter, better known as Jackyee, was born in Tucson, AZ but raised in San Antonio, TX. Growing up in a military family she learned early about discipline, togetherness, hard work and transition.

Though things and people around her changed often, one thing always remained constant for her – and that was her undying love and passion for music.

As a child she always found herself participating in the church praise team, youth and adult choirs, the school choir, and various groups and ensembles.

Wrap me In Your Arms

In 2005 Jackyee’s life drastically changed for the better. After suffering from the disappointment and rejection of a failed career choice, and having no “plan B”, she was divinely introduced to the world of musical theater by a close friend and extraordinary performer, Alisa Claridy.

Jackyee auditioned for and received a part in the play Dreamgirls, and as they say in show business, the rest is history. From that time on she has appeared in several plays and musicals, has sang on stage with recording artist Tony Terry, GaryLil GJenkins (from the group Silk), Kindred the Family Soul, Melonie Iglehart-Hammons, Tri-ni-tee 5:7, and many more.

One of her proudest accomplishments, and defining moments, was when she advanced to the Hollywood rounds during Season 6 of American Idol. This moment was defining for her because for the first time she had to face the reality that other people around her believed in her gift more than she did herself.

Jackyee – Champion & Awesome God @ SXSW in ATX

From that moment on, she vowed never again to make excuses for, apologize for, or be ashamed of the wonderful gift and vocal abilities God had placed within her. These experiences combined with her undying love for music inspired her to go into the studio and work on her solo project.

Her debut album, “Broken but Perfected for My Purpose,” released now. This album offers catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics that not only deal with the Greatness of God, but also reflects His wisdom and caring nature as He lovingly carries and guides us through those rough seasons in life when issues of brokenness, despair, loneliness, hurt and pain can seem unbearingly overwhelming.

Jackyee – Worth the Wait

“It is my goal that through this album I can introduce or re-introduce the listener to Christ the King as well as Christ the man.

I don’t want to push the issue of religion, but I most definitely want to press the issue of relationship.

Christ desires a relationship with each and every person on this earth, no matter what their story or background.

Every lyric that is heard on this album was birthed from a personal experience that I’ve had to deal with or am currently dealing with. All of my songs cost me something so I take each and everyone of them to heart. My objective is to minister from a place where I’ve been, not one I’ve heard about.”

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“I have truly been blessed and call it nothing short of God’s favor that has allowed me to be where I am right now.

It amazes me how God can take what looks to be a life of rejection, brokenness, disappointment, hopelessness and pain and turn it into the very platform for my ministry.

I am honored that God trust me enough and is willing to use my voice to share His message of love and hope with world.”

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