When Nyee MosesBetween Us ” hit the airwaves in 2008 , staying on the Billboard chart for 28 weeks, breaking Billboard top 10 and finally making it to “30 best songs of 2008″..it was no wonder that both she and her new fans were a bit shocked, but delightfully so!

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“It is hard enough to get airplay even if you’re an established artist, but to have radio embrace an unknown artist is just magic..!”

Between Us by Nyee Moses

Magic seems to be exactly what Nyee’s debut cd is all about! Along with the producing writing team of MarquisHamiDair and Susan Youngblood, Nyee set her sites on creating the first song on the cd.

It would be a remake of the classic Summertime fused with the politically driven Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution. Nyee wanted to bring to light the political situations that are still in effect today and how they are being spoken of in the media..and then the magic began to unfold !

Hubert Laws, the legendary flute player, who played on Gil Scott’s original Revolution in the 70′s, was playing on Nyee’s version! And in a very deep, poetic delivery, Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony is wrapping throughout, saying”..it’s like a world war to maintain to stay alive”…and indeed it is!

Summertime (the revolution mix) by ft. Krazie Bone

But for Nyee Moses, she seems to be able to maintain the world war that keeps her alive and navigate through an uncertain world of who and what’s supposed to be on the radio and who get’s play and who doesn’t ..she is heard on several radio interviews when asked how she feels about her single charting Billboard?..”

There is so much incredible music out there and so many great talents, that to have my music heard on a mass level, is breath taking! When I hear people tell me that one of my songs is what got them through a tough time or a relationship..

I think wow! I know that exact feeling. I’ve been there too! Perhaps it is Nyee’s honesty in telling her compelling story of finding her way through tough years of growing up being adopted and of mixed Black and Jewish heritage that make her cd a must play.

Love is a Lion – Nyee Moses

She speaks of this in her song the Journey, from birth to present reliving her journey, finding her mother and understanding where she comes from and remembering her mother’s wishes before sending her off to find a new life.

Perhaps it is in her song Under the Sun, in which she talks about growing up in risky times and neighborhoods where she was the odd one out that makes her cd a must play? Or perhaps it is the tender, sexy captivating way she recounts love in her hit song Between Us and Call Me that make her cd a must have!

It is very often that she is compared to Sade. When asked about sounding like Sade , Nyee says,

“I believe people need to have a reference to be able compare a new artist….and to have radio compared me to one of the most legendary voices of modern times. Sade,that’s a huge honor!”

Call Me

Growing up Nyee played violin and guitar before ever considering voice. “I was always very shy and the thought of having a voice, so to speak, was not anything I really thought about.” She however wrote much poetry not knowing that later she would use those ideas to put to music. ”

One day my parents heard me singing and said I should think about singing my poetry, but it really scared me because I didn’t like my voice, it didn’t sound like any singers I heard and the last thing I wanted to do was be different!”

Nyee says that it took her a long time to find that confidence to sing but finally realized it was not the actual singing but the storytelling that was her true voice.

Nyee Moses- No limits

“..the experience of the life creates the art..the story gives my voice the vehicle to sing”.

Surrounding herself with world class players on her cd was undoubtedly a brilliant move! With players like Otmato Ruiz, ReneToledo, Pedro Eustache, Lenny Castro, Greg Reeves, Reggie Hamilton, Kevin Richard and Ramon Stagnaro who plays that now famous guitar intro to “Between Us”.

How could you go wrong? And as Nyee so beautifully thanks the musicians on her cd liner notes..“You have given my music it’s breath..and I will be forever grateful.”




Urban Network says..”Her music has that dreamy sheen of acoustic guitars and percussion dipped in spacey synths, gurgling electric guitars and fondue deep bass. Her lyrics and voice drip with the sensual evocative ache of one who worships at the altar of Sade. – Lisa Coleman

Smooth Jazz.com says…”beautiful Ms. Moses a cool chanteuse who weaves in seductive, soulful vocal textures of nu-jazz, urban groove, and chilled Smooth Jazz. Her rich, deep and sophisticated subtle vocal meanderings bring to mind Sade and Tracy Thorn (Everything But The Girl). NYEE MOSES is a hit record I’m not alone in this opinion!