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She is every woman.  A wife, mother, business person and artist extraordinaire, the Atlanta native’s biggest challenge is finding downtime between juggling a music, acting and legal careers, motivational speaking engagements and family life.

It’s a convenient challenge Rabun relishes, and considering her energetic personality and vivacious spirit, it’s one she overcomes easily.

Being on the go is a life Yolanda has become accustomed to since she was a teenager touring and performing as a featured vocalist in Europe and Japan as a member of Northside School of the Arts’, Showbiz Kids, and even working and recording with Isaac Hayes and singing for the President of the United States.

The Stanley Baird Group

Nancy Wilson & Gladys Knight are major musical influences of Yolanda Rabun, who capably serves as Corporate Counsel for a Top 5 Forbes Company & has served on many community-based Executive boards while singing with Clay Aiken on one of his past tours.

As the lead vocalist for the Stanley Baird Group, Yolanda opened for Jennifer Holiday, sang with Howard Hewitt and has since traveled the world over performing a sultry blend of smooth jazz and soul. Those experiences opened up the possibilities of international stardom for Yolanda, and she feels her time is now.

Yolanda Rabun & Stanley Baird Group Concert

 “Jazz speaks to all generations and cultures who want to hear, feel, and appreciate music through all of their senses,”Yolanda says.

With the release of her debut CD, “So Real”, Yolanda Rabun has transferred that energetic spirit into her album, bringing her personal experiences to life for all to listen.  “So Real” paints pictures of love and life through Yolanda’s eyes.

Rabun co-wrote the title song and other selections and reinterpreted some familiar Broadway and R&B tunes to ensure the album captures her musical essence.

Yolanda also collaborated with Stanley Baird, a true professional, who provided the blueprint for Yolanda to render.The result is a beautiful album that both smooth jazz and soul lovers alike will both identify with and enjoy.

So Real – Yolanda Rabun | Smooth Jazz | Soul Jazz

“[So Real] infuses the art form of jazz and delivers a story from song to song about real love in its many stages,” Rabun says.  “Each song, jazz-influenced by the instrumentation and arrangement has its own character, its own feel.”

Yolanda offers soul and jazz in the nicest combination and “So Real“combines many styles in an almost perfect balanceSonic Soul Review (Joerg Schmitt, Germany)

Notably, it would be short-sighted not to see the total artist that is Yolanda Rabun.  The Wake Forest, North Carolina resident is quite adept at acting, performing in several noted plays, musicals with Tony award winners and in television commercials.

“It’s transforming, and sometimes hypnotic to your soul.”

Yolanda is also a writer, director, motivational speaker and web designer.  If it involves the arts and self- empowerment, Yolanda Rabun is the person to talk to.  It’s all in that every-woman energy she brings…it’s what makes her so real.




01. So Real (Single Release)
02. Dreaming
03. Only in My Mind
04. Say My Name
05. The Good Wife
06. Just Believe
07. My True Love (Nilsa’s Song)
08.  I Will Be Loved Tonight
09. I Will Be Loved Tonight (Reprise)
10. Marry You Again
11. Set for Life
12. So Real Music Video in HD


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