None of us escapes this life unscathed. But some of us are allowed to go through the intense fire of tribulation, ultimately coming out with a song on our lips.

Deanna Ransom not only has come out of the flames singing, but the song she sings is stronger and more powerful than any she could sing before the inferno. The gospel recording artist is not only an incredibly gifted vocalist, but she’s a woman on a mission to spread the love of God through song.

The 2010 Black Essence Award Female Gospel Artist Winner and Black Essence Top 20 Hall of Fame Inductee, fuses popular genres like soul, jazz and R&B with gospel presenting a medley of inspiration with a unique flair that’s all her own.

Her new project, a TOC Records release, I Hear You, is filled with heavenly melodies sung from a woman with a deep passion for God. Ransom knows how to elegantly and intricately weave her beautiful soprano vocals around almost any tune and her CD is clear evidence of her vocal prowess.

Mercy & Kindness – Deanna Ransom

The sophomore release on her new record label is a collection of uplifting and sometimes gut-wrenching gospel tunes. Produced, arranged and written by the artist herself, I Hear You is delivered by an exceptionally talented songstress.

Many will love the jazz stylings of grateful-sounding cuts “He’s Good” and “Awesome” and the R&B feel of the captivating “In Love” and the mellow “Trust in Him”. Those two friends, “Mercy & Kindness” are given a soulful twist on the CD as is the project’s title tune, “I Hear You”.

The CD includes music composed by industry veterans VernellDooderMincey, MontKeyz (Paul Reynolds) and Rick Williams. The creation of the 14-track CD is a miracle in itself and proof of the faithfulness of God, despite life’s circumstances.

Singing “Awesome” clip from DVD recording

Hailing from Glassboro, New Jersey, Deanna’s singing career began at the age of 5 as a member of her family’s gospel group, The Heavenly Children. She had strong female influences in her life – and in ministry – through her mother Evangelist Jean Johnson, her grandmother Pastor Dolcie Alston and Godmother Pastor Essie Robinson.

She practically grew up between the pews and as a member of the group, travelled extensively. It wasn’t long before they were approached with numerous offers to record. The opportunities didn’t pan out for the group, but offers from the R&B world were coming Deanna’s way and the lure of a lucrative lifestyle was enticing.

“It seemed like I got oh so close to something happening on the R&B side,” explains Deanna.

“But things just never worked out, although I did get to meet some great people. For me, it didn’t work and I had to come back home”.

Shortly after her arrival home, Deanna was faced with one of the toughest setbacks of her life. Her mother suffered a brain aneurysm while preaching one Sunday morning. Ultimately, her mother transitioned to glory and it was an unbelievably hard time for Deanna. She found herself becoming angry with God.

Singing “I Owe You” (Deanna’s Worship) – DVD clip

“This woman lived her entire life for God and for ministry,” shares Deanna. “I felt as if God ignored my prayers for her healing”. To Deanna, it didn’t seem fair that God would not heal her mother after her lifetime of service to the Lord.

Barely on her feet from that loss, she was dealt another blow when out of the blue, she wasn’t able to sing; she had lost her voice. A doctor’s visit determined that she had goiters on her vocal chords and the subsequent diagnosis was that she would never sing again.

Through God’s healing – after an acceptance of her calling (and God’s will concerning her mother), Deanna was given her voice back.With a renewed vigor for singing, Deanna was ready for the studio.

Deanna Ransom sings I Hear You on Atlanta Live

But prior to recording her first release, she was “sat down” and instructed to study the Word, develop a strong prayer life and to grasp hold of the purpose of her ministry. She also answered the call to preach and in 2000 was licensed and ordained as an Evangelist.

That same year, Deanna founded Virtuous Women of Destiny, a women’s ministry focused on godly female empowerment. The goal of the ministry is to expand the mind, perception and capabilities of God’s women and to enable them to face life and endure challenges in a positive manner.

The group fosters healthy relationships between women and offers assistance to women’s shelters, churches and other organizations.

She dropped her first album entitled Never Say Never which featured songs such as “What A Friend”, “You Bring Me Joy”, “Hallelujah” and the title cut, “Never Say Never”; the CD garnered her a 2005 Independent Female Artist of the Year Award.

Also on the album was the hit “Rise Sister”, a duet with the incomparable Melba Moore, a tune that became a women’s anthem and theme for a national women’s conference. With the project came much success and Deanna shared the stage with some of urban music’s biggest names.

You Bring Me Joy – Deanna Ransom

Years later, after finishing her Master’s of Business Administration degree, and while recording her new release, I Hear You, she was dealt with three major blows within months of each other: an assault, the loss of a baby and the death of her husband of only 15 months.

“If it hadn’t been for the Lord on my side, I don’t know where I would be,” says Deanna.

“The storms of life is where ‘I Hear You’ was born,” explains the artist. “This project was about recording songs that God had given to me which had come out of my life experiences.”

Although she’s gone through more than most, she continues to have much to sing about. She’s thrilled about the CD and believes it will touch all who listen.

During her impressive career, she’s been blessed with opportunities to share the stage with artists such as Dr. Marvin Sapp, Yolanda Adams, Dorinda Clark Cole, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s and the late Rev. Timothy Wright. From the start of her music career until now, Deanna has grown – as an artist, as a woman and as a Christian.

Make A Way – Deanna Ransom

Even from her first CD to the second, she’s matured. Her singing, her songwriting, is all a reflection of her trials and of the faithfulness of the One who brought her through. As much as she’s hopeful that the songs on I Hear You inspire listeners, for her, the songs were meant to uplift her during a dark time.

Deanna Ransom – “Never Say Never” Valentine’s Day Promo

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In spite of what life has thrown her way, Deanna has discovered a valuable lesson. “One thing I have learned is that when we give our lives to God, we get a blueprint,” says Deanna. “No matter what happens in life, it’s so important for us to stick to the blueprint of God.”

Deanna Ransom – Never Say Never


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