Listening to Ava sing, her voice might remind you of the late Teena Marie Ivory Queen of Soul. What really sets Ms. Lemert apart from the crowded field of female soul singers is that she plays a mean saxophone as well as being a prolific songwriter, talented producer and thoughtful lyricist.

“I just tell people my music is Soul Music simply put. There’s no better word or genre to describe my sound. Everyone and anyone ‘gets’ soul, from country to opera, if you really feel it, you get it.”

Ava Lemert has been performing as a solo singer/songwriter/saxophonist since Spring 2008 out of a personal tragedy. “My mom had lymphoma and I dove into my music to keep from falling apart.” Like many musicians, Ava’s music is driven by life, loss and passion.

Ava Lemert on Good Day Sacramento

Since then, Ava’s released several singles and her debut CD “From My Soul” which has garnered international airplay on smooth jazz stations, several television appearances and many online radio interviews as well as local terrestrial FM radio spins.

“I smoothed my sound out and dropped a few of my vocals to try to fit what people were telling me would get me a look. I have wanted to pull together a collection of my own songs that showcase my love for singing, lyric-writing and R&B music.

With 12welve, it feels like I have found my own voice and the creativity is an easy flow, not a compromise or conformity, this is truly Ava Music.” Ava’s upcoming third full-length release,  12welve is a huge break in a new direction for Ava, as well as a throwback to the “love music” of early 1970‘s soul.

Ava Lemert – “Flow On” – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Ava’s eleven originals on the album run the gamut of human emotion, from the powerful “Ain’t No Turning Back Now“which could easily be the fight song for the 99% to the tender contemporary R&B ballad “A Mother’s Song” which will touch any parent’s soul with words of unconditional love and hope for the future of their child.

“I went into my ‘angry bird’ self to come up with ‘Something to Prove‘ which is about an obtuse egomaniac, disrupting everything around him with his loud cell phone conversations. A show-off, basically that has his priorities out of whack!”

Ava turns on the heat with scathing vocals, reminiscent of Tina Turner while singing thought-provoking lyrics such as ‘Don’t you see that the best things, in life, are free?’  The track is funky and you’ll think it’s some dusty soul gem from 1973 except for the reference to a Bluetooth earpiece.

The glimmer of Ava’s many talents has caught the eye of some impressive names in the music business. “Working on a Groovy Thing” the only cover on 12welve, was produced and arranged by Tower of Power keyboardist, Roger Smith.

Ava Lemert – Ain’t No Turning Back Now

With a fresh arrangement, luscious strings, vocal harmonies, and Ava’s sizzling sax licks the song is reborn with Ava’s unique, signature sound. Currently, Ava is performing in the Sacramento area and is hoping to expand her performance calendar in Spring of 2012 to support the release of 12welve.

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