ArtistEntrepreneurRadio Host  “A songwriter at heart”

As an independent artist and with the release of his debut album “All of Me“, Brian Christopher has been trying to reach a whole world of music lovers.

Released in March 2010, “All of Me” is a groovy and lyrical storyboard of love lost and gained.

To date, the album has gained attention on internet radio in the United States, Germany and UK.

Teddy Pendergrass – Brian Christopher “Love TKO”

Luther Vandross – Brian Christopher “Superstar”

In the last 5 years, he has had opportunities to host several events including the “Rising Stars” showcase at the Kindred the Family Soul concert in 2011.

“Everything I do comes from an entire MIND, BODY and SOUL experience. I feel that’s what people CONNECT with.

The real, honest, fun, enjoyable, gritty and ugly parts of life. I love LYRICS and how they paint beautiful lifescapes of pain and pleasure.”

In July 2011, Brian broadcasted his first episode of his internet radio show, “The Brian Christopher Show” which broadcasts to over 1500 listeners every Saturday and Sunday 2-4PM (EDT) on

Currently, he is in Yokohama, Japan on a 3 month singing invitation. (WATCH VIDEOS BELOW)

Performing at the train station in Japan

Brian Christopher Jammin @ Alfie’s in Tokyo


Brian Christopher Live at Black Fox Lounge (DC)