Adesha (Ah dee sha) n. Sanskrit origin Command from God; VOICE.

Aaaryonna Lopez (150 of 813) 2Powerful, sultry, dynamic, and moving are just a few words people have used to describe Adesha’s voice.  Though Deltrina had no idea her daughter’s name meant voice, she knew Adesha was destined to sing.

Oakland, California native, Adesha made her solo debut singing for hundreds of people at The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco at the tender age of six.

By age ten she had starred and co-starred in musicals, she sang a jingle for a commercial, and had performed solo at a few of San Francisco’s live music venues.

Years of training from singing in church; vocal coaching from her mother Deltrina Johnson, a trained gospel singer; and numerous live performances would follow the training she received in her primary years. At age 13 Adesha joined a girl group called “Under 21”.

Day in the Life: Recording Artist

The trio spent most of their high school career performing and in the recording studio. At age 16 Adesha embarked upon a spiritual journey that would change the course of her future. Being famous was no longer her life’s goal. She wanted her music to make a difference; she wanted her music to change lives. This decision would lead to Adesha leaving “Under 21”.

Aaaryonna Lopez (280 of 813) 2The resistance she experienced from her cohorts, management, and peers as a result of her decision sent Adesha into a bit of a depression. She would spend the next 4 years soul searching and took hiatus from singing.

One morning Adesha had a conversation with a cousin over brunch. He told her he admired her commitment to her beliefs, that she should be proud of that, and do what she was meant to do, sing. He concluded he wanted her to help him as he was trying to overcome some challenges in his life.

6 months later her cousin, George C. Scott was brutally murdered in a shootout.  In honor of his memory Adesha decided to sing. She started by singing a song she wrote about her late cousin at few open mic nights.

At one particular open mic night, a young lady came up to Adesha after she performed and said, “Thank you for helping me. Today I was thinking of ending it all, but you encouraged me to keep up the fight”. That was just the confirmation Adesha needed.

Tribute to Sarah Vaughn by Adesha

With the help of her friends and family she was able to put together a band of extremely talented musicians. Adesha’s vocals and lyrics combined with keyboardist Allen Ross, bassist Aaron Baugh, and drummer Brian Braziel quickly became a force to be reckoned with. They went from performing coffee house gigs to top Bay Area Venues such as Kimball’s East in a matter of months. Their first show at “Kimball’s” had over 200 guests and upon their return a month later they had over 300 guests.

3859To date Adesha and “Seven” have played a list of venues from San Francisco to LA. They have opened for Ledisi, Goapele, Gospel diva Kim Burrell, Kase, Anthony David, Carl Thomas and more. Adesha recently released a dance EP entitled “Giving Love a Try” which is soon to be followed by her first full length album “Giving Love a Try”.

A review from I Am Entertainment Magazine said this about her

Adesha is a great singer and songwriter. After checking out her release, Giving Love a Try, I was reminded of how awesome music can be when those creating it are talented and creative.

Clearly, Adesha is ready to soar to new heights. It won’t be long before she is internationally known.

“Giving Love A Try” The Lyrics


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