infoIt’s often believed that you can tell the nature of a man by the way he loves. When hearing the music of Ka’Stacieon, you can quickly gather that this man’s nature and love is music.

Ka’Stacieon, (pronounced kah-stay-see-on) is an R&B soul singing swooner from Lufkin, TX who has been gifting audiences with his sound since the age of 13, only has it been in the last few years that pursing his passion of making music has come into fruition.

When hearing Ka’Stacieon’s alluring voice, you can only wonder if there is anything he cannot sing. Hearing the footprints of artists like Mint Condition, R. Kelly, Maxwell, and Eric Benet, Ka’Stacieon first learned how to sing by mimicking their artistry in his bedroom closet.

Slow Dance-R. Kelly performed by Ka’Stacieon

retouch3Building the reputation of a crooner, you can hear the influences of smooth jazz and neo soul stamped and sealed in R&B. Not only singing with the skill and ambitious prowess of a seasoned platinum artist, but also with sensual electricity that captivates any listener, Ka’Stacieon’s music is honest and nostalgic.

Ka’Stacieon is all heart, all body, and all soul, often being compared to the likes of great artist like Sam Cooke or Brian McKnight. Ka’Stacieon’s vocal ability is precise and agile, bewitching you with its charm or enrapturing you with its style of storytelling.

Ka’Stacieon – Heaven

Creating songs with strong melodies and relatable storylines, he builds a gap between the old world of R&B and the vanguard of Soul. Ka’Stacieon has something to say and he’s letting his music do all the talking. Reminiscent of the R&B Soul singing everyone says is missing today, Ka’Stacieon is that piece to the missing puzzle.

Retouched Pic2But no good storyteller can tell a story without having lived it. The release of Ka’Stacieon’s EP and album Love At First Sight is that story.

Taking you from love, to heartache, to longing, to healing, Love At First Sight is a vehicle of emotions that everyone has travelled. With songs like Heaven and Secret Admirer, you connect with Ka’Stacieon’s as a kindred muse.

But that’s expected. With a sound as enchanting as his name, the artistry of Ka’Stacieon’s music is sure to win any music listener over.

Wherever You Are-Live

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