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justchill-3864Growing up in the West side of Toronto, Veronica Domingues always had a passion for music.  At the age of 4 she was already singing to her family, but as she grew older, so too would her interest in music.

While attending high school she was a featured member of the choir for 3 years.  Veronica performed in shows in and away from school, but desired to accomplish more than what she was already doing.

After high school she focused on her post-secondary education and had to put a hold on her music.  It was then she realized she didn’t feel right without music being a major part of her life.

During the year of 2011 Veronica decided it was time to start working on her own independent project. She teamed up with Producer/Emcee Junia-T of Smash Brovaz & Director/Film-maker Customatic.

Veronica Domingues CMWIF Behind The Scenes

vdSoul music fans have been taking notice of Veronica Domingues since she dropped her 3rd track, “Keep On” (feat Bubba) on Soundcloud.

Her debut EP, Just Chill was produced by Junia T, and will be released May 10th of this year.  While some artists gravitate towards pop sounding records, Veronica has chosen a different to path for her musical career.

Many people have compared Veronica to Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Mary J. Blige.  Accompanied by Dilla’esque beats provided by Junia T, it’s been a match made in music heaven.

After recording her first EP entitled Just Chill, she hopes to showcase a different, soulful vibe that she feels has been missing in today’s music. We hope Just Chill will bring back the feeling that people once had about soul music.

Veronica Domingues – Out The Door

just chill


Veronica Domingues – Keep On

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