bannerJanae Smith is an singer/songwriter

Janae Smith Shot 3Smooth, eclectic , and soulful is what defines Janae Smith,  born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut.

Janae has showed much appreciation for her origins, considering much of her music directly relates to her growing up as a young girl and blossoming into a young woman.

Janae first noticed her talent at the impressionable age of eight ,She would perform in plays, participate in dance groups, and sing in front of a gathering of family and friends. “I was always a multi-talented performer; I guess you can say I like taking the stage.”

Janae Smith/Interview

Janae Smith Shot 1She credits multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Troy Oliver in having a role in the discovery of her range in notes. “The day I met Troy Oliver was the ear I needed, his mentoring allowed me to define my range in sound.”

Janae has a strong appreciation for music. Her music has become a true art in her eyes.

She has expressed her artistry in a realm she’s never imagined, while infusing musical upbeat and slow tempo notes of soul, jazz, and contemporary music today we know as Neo-soul.

Janae Smith – Special (Official Music Video)

892763_135720846616382_358789434_o“I want people to see me as a singer/entertainer with a passion for taking the stage. I want my supporters to see the determination and eagerness I possess which has allowed me to advance in all aspects of the music/ entertainment business.

“Artists in the business know it’s a real hustle, and sitting around will get you nowhere. I have dreams, big dreams and I someday want my dreams to become a reality.” Janae continues to work on her music by writing and recording in local studios.

She is proud of the release of her second single entitled Lover’s Rehab from her Official EP Titled Coming From The Hart, produced by an up and coming producer Jerome Bewry the song talks about a troubled relationship that needs work, and in order to make things work they have to go to “Lover’s Rehab”.

Janae Smith – Lovers Rehab (Promo)



Janae Smith – Closer (Corrine Bailey-Rae Cover)‎