marioooHello my biological name is Mario Smith. My professional/stage name is “Rio”.

bio-pic-1I was born and raised in the small town of Ripley, Tennessee. I come from a true lineage of ‘Soul and Gospel’ singers.

As an aspiring vocalist, singer and student of the game, some of my greatest influences range from the likes of retro artists: Sam Cook, Johnny Taylor and Ronald Isley to such current artists as: Ginuwine, and Dru Hill.

Blessed with a strong and powerful vocal, I also possess the talented ability to be soulfully smooth blending old school riffs and runs to new school lyrics and subject matter.

I am a song writer and have been blessed to write with the likes of Woody from the group Dru Hill and Steven Russell.

I consider myself to be very fortunate as my voice has taken me many places where I have had the opportunity to touch the lives of so many people who have become my loyal fans.

With this being the ‘Digital Age’ I am humbled by the million plus youtube and myspace fans who have shown me much love and support.

Ginuwine Pony Live by MarioSmithMusic

I write much of my own material with a purpose, hoping to make my mark in the music industry, as Marvin Gaye made his, and that is giving my fans a song to fit their every mood. Music is my life, and I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t been!

rio5It’s the beginning and ending of each day that I live and breathe. But such in life as in music comes great disappointments and sacrifice.

And lord knows I have had them! However, I stay motivated by my faith in God and the support of my family, friends and fans. So with that said, I remain humbled and focused with great anticipation of Rio’s forthcoming album coming soon!

Sam Cook/Bobby Womack A Change/Woman’s Gotta have it

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