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3West lee, a Wolverhampton based rapper, actor, producer, video director, has been recognised as an extremely eccentric character. And he definitely represents that through his music.

From a young age it was evident that West lee had a vast amount of talent, he taught himself to play keyboard and  continued on to him making music at age 12 exploring many different themes and styles.

West lee is highly experimental and unique which is always evident throughout his music, from being eight years old playing keyboard with his toes to being 0an0d writing only with pictures.

Westlee – WORD (Mini’vid’isodes) [[OLD STUFF]]

A2lways ready to conduct exciting new explorations West lee started minividisodes – A video album of random short experimental songs; for example ‘Illamal’ which is spoken using the language of music production, and ‘Word’ which uses kinetic typography  making a visual display of the wordplay used to write the track turning his ‘old stuff’ to new.

West lee has most recently announced the release of his new (yet to be named) E.P coming out soon following a theme in which everything involved has been created while under the influence of alcohol.

Expect to be captivated by the hilarious and entertaining sounds of West lee intoxicated, combined with the deep thought provoking lyrics behind the entertainment.

Check out West-Lee dropping a tight 16-bar flow on US Detroit female singer Cocoa St. James New UK Single. “Oooh Baby”  listen here

Westlee – Illamal (Mini’vid’isodes)

Drinky thing E



Twitter: @westleesays
youtube: westleestyle