bannerA Neo-Soul Rocker – a.k.a.- Whitney Hendrix – a.k.a.- the black Benatar – a.k.a. Maya Neiada

tn_1200_mayablue1.jpgMaya Neiada is an Atlanta-based Singer/Songwriter serving up a tailor-made, genre-fused cocktail that has been quenching the thirst of indie music lovers both nationally and abroad.

This ‘Neo-Soul-Siren-from-the-South’ is steadily carving her niche, creating a buzz and blazing a trail underground so hot it is only a matter of time before she emerges in the mainstream.

Born in the Bronx but raised in South Carolina, Maya Neiada’s interest in music began at an early age. She recalls her parents’ large, multi-genre collection of music being played on the weekends while she and her sisters did their chores.

She states “It included all the good stuff –  Stevie Wonder, Queen, Aretha Franklin, EWF, The Commodores, The Emotions, Dan Fogleberg, Modern Jazz Quartet, Teena Marie, and Barbara Streisand to name a mere few.”

Maya’s exposure to the vastness of that collection instilled a permanent curiosity and appreciation for live instrumentation, good singing, and different music genres.

maya neiada interview and performance snippets

neiada blueA shy child, Maya Neiada hid her talent, only singing in the church choir or on the rare occasions when she was home alone.

A turning point occurred for her during college. While pledging a sorority (Delta Sigma Theta), she was challenged to sing by her ‘big sisters’.

It was then that her confidence blossomed, propelling her to give her first solo performance during a Greek step-show.

She was hooked from that moment on and has been singing, writing, recording and giggin’ ever since.

Maya Neiada’s sound – “Neo-Soul with a Twist” – is a manifestation of the definition of her very name: maya – meaning ‘illusion’.

Her recordings and songs coax listeners to categorize her in the Neo-soul genre.

Maya Neiada at Tantra

1 hand mic 1 hand backShe croons over break-beats and R&B’esque sounds, telling stories of seduction, love gone wrong, dream-chasing and self-empowerment. But her performances introduce you to the “Twist”.

True to her Gemini nature, her live shows are where she becomes ‘a whole otha person’.

She adapts like a chameleon to the live show environment, transforming into a pint-sized-power-house-rock-star right before your very eyes.

She BRINGS IT when performing live, always leaving concert-goers begging the question “How can someone so little sound so BIG??!!”

Her new indie-album “Cinco De Maya” is a bulls-eye reflection of her soulful, strong, sassy and seductive style.

The meaning behind the name of the album is related to the historical significance of the annual celebration ‘Cinco De Mayo’.

Maya Neiada @ Kat’s Cafe – Blurry (Acoustic)

Spanish for ‘the fifth of May’, it was on that day in 1862 when a small Mexican army of only 4000 defeated a large French army twice the size, proving ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’. Maya Neiada released ‘Cinco De Maya’ on May 5th in celebration of the under-dog.

maya at devry for posting She represents dream-chasers. She is the face of all those that have been bet against, over-looked and picked-over.

She believes there is no such thing as “too-something” with regard to chasing your dreams (i.e., too old, too fat, too dark, too short, not good enough, don’t have enough money, too late for you, you don’t have the right look, you got too many kids, etc…)

She is committed to creating music that inspires people to believe in their dreams and to NEVER GIVE UP working towards them.

Maya Neiada I’m Not Moving

cinco de maya album cover


Maya Neiada’s highlight performances & accomplishments include

Performing live in Italy and Norway with soul singer Keisha Jackson
Performing the National Anthem for the Atlanta Braves at Turner field
Recording jingles for Atlanta radio stations V-103 and 790 AM ‘the zone’
Performing live with Simply Irresistable Band, led by Singer Trina Braxton
Performing live on Atlanta’s 11 AliveMetro Mix Soundcheck’ television show
Performing live for NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. during a banquet honoring him
Performing live for then-Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton during her campaign tour
Writing and recording songs included on internationally released albums Independent Soul Divas I and Independent Soul Divas IITokyo Rush
Opening for Frankie Beverly and Maze at Jonetta Patton’s 50th Birthday Gala sponsored by son Usher Raymond and attended by Terry Lewis and Jermaine Dupri

AD photo shoot 4 maya w speechMaya Neiada  appeared in the video of music group Arrested Development’s new single titled ‘Living’

maya at pals mirror