paris bannerParis Toon is a lyricist/producer and musical enigma behind the band Mother’s Favorite Child.

fW152Zqd1PC1GuJshUy1y5Nj1mbOYiPjgfwe6T0JSv0,ue87H_nSj0FjYjiS7O74prYII7AdGt2HQmXWOVdY32A,LhAXHSpi-di1u6MN3-zhiTV3Ap-LdBfgQdkFUKjpvVUIntroduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Paris Toon writer and producer for the group Mothers Favorite Child.  I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and my music was born in Brooklyn, New York.

When did you start making music and was there a person or artist that inspired you to start writing songs and hit the studio? Who are your influences?

I started writing in high school as well as making music.  I bought some drum machines and a sampler and was into hip-hop.  My biggest influence is Prince Marley Marl, DJ Premier & Pete Rock were my Hip Hop influences.  Lyrical influences were Rakim, Big Daddy Kane & Prince.

What made you get involved in the music industry?

I saw the movie Purple Rain when I was a child and that was it.  I knew what I wanted to do.

When it comes to making music what would you credit as your main motivation?

Relationships are my biggest motivation when writing lyrics and as far as when I write the music, it’s just past influential and inspirational artists like, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Omar, Donny Hathaway, etc.

Brooklyn Soul Music Paris Toon

Let’s put your producing hat on so what would a typical day be like if I came to hang with you?

Depends on the day. When I get to Desert Rock Studios and meet with Mothers Favorite Child I show them the ideas I have either in my head or sitting in my phone or on hard drives.

We then start the process of creating and making sure the feel is correct.  After laying down a few ideas I go back home to my home studio and edit and arrange all the ideas so I can then work on re-arranging the lyrics and melody ideas with Tanya Tiet.

1070027_10151497035901498_1872451968_nWhat producers have influenced you and why?

Prince is my biggest influence I would have to say because I truly studied his music bar for bar, song for song when I first started.  The live musician ship had a huge impact to my ear and helped when I was producing Hip-Hop.

How did you get into producing?

A friend of mine Rodney Tubbs had a record deal when I was in high school and had asked me to produce a few tracks to submit to his label.  At the time I was not producing Hip-Hop but trying to learn how to produce r&b music.

I had a sampler and an Alesis HR16, Roland TR 909 & TR 808 and did a few tracks.  After the label heard the songs they suggested to him that I produce more songs and that was the beginning of producing.

Paris Toon Baptism by Fire R&B Soul Music

What equipment do you use when making your beats?

I used to use HR16, 909, 808 & an MPC but now I strictly use drummers.  I usually just beat box them the beat and we go over tuning and getting the warm sound. I try to get sounds that I would have sampled back in the day if I had access to the masters. Dowell Davis, Dan Petrosino, Deven Reed & Ira King are drummers I have used on my production

artworks-000021147833-364u6e-originalWhat other artists have you produced for?

Nik West, Jessica Care Moore, Tanya Tiet, Fat Bottom Lip, Mothers Favorite Child, iAm Jones are some of the artists I recently produced.  I have done some remixes that are available online for artists Maxwell, D’angelo, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Fugees, Esperanza Spalding & Lyric Jones,

You’re the person behind Jazz Soul band Mother’s Favorite Child, how did that happen & what’s the main focus for them?

I decided to put a band together when I couldn’t get the sound electronically I was searching for.  MFC is more of a collective of musicians that perform and sometimes co-write on my songs. The main focus for MFC is to keep them in the studio tracking.  From time to time we will do live shows and support national acts or even perform our material at festivals.

I been playing an artist called Tanya Tí-ét produced by you ft MFC for the last few weeks now, is she a new artist or is it just her time to shine now?

Tanya has been a member of MFC since 2003.  She was a background vocalist and starting writing with me in 2006.  In searching for the right vocalist to perform my songs it turned out that Tanya had the most passion, work ethic and interest in truly making the songs her own.

Her current solo record was not planned but ended up being a product based on her being featured on the nSn compilation vol. 1 where she stood out to djs, charts and sales.  It was a no brainer to then just grab songs from the vault we had written for submissions and just release them for her.

Fat Bottom Lip – Preview of “Never” w/ Paris Toon Jazz Soul

What music was bumping when you were coming up?

Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS, Prince, Michael Jackson, Omar, Fugees, The Roots, D’Angelo, Maxwell just to name a few that were bumping when I was coming up.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

Longevity in writing real songs based on real life situations and feelings.  I have never swayed from writing lyrics based on experience, emotion and truth.  Musically, I would have to say that I never went back to programming which would be easier, nor am I following any trends.

I stick to what I feel and hear regardless of whatever is going on in music today because trends are just that; trends. And I hope to make music from my soul that will last.

Paris-Toon_img2_miniDo you think the Internet helps or hinders independent artists?

I believe it can do both based on how you use it.  If you use it as a tool and not the rule it can help.  Prince has proven it can help and hurt on many levels.

I made the mistake in the 90s to depend on the internet and when certain sites like was sold, indie artists who helped to  build it were left in the dark.  I realized that the websites & internet is no different than large business.  Once it can generate serious capital you got to realize you lose control.

Paris Toon Sweet Soul Records

Do you think that radio is still as important as it was in the digital age?

Internet radio is what will help keep indie artists going.  It is more important now than ever.  Commercial radio is a fallacy for most indie artists and I am not into playing the lottery and that is how I look at commercial stations. I like the social network of djs and stations who truly,  sincerely enjoy our creation rather than play it because they are forced to.

Where can we find all about you and the music?  has anything you need to hear, see or know about MFC and Paris Toon.

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