Her journey

1384197_621063661249746_686561638_nHer musical journey thus far has allowed her to work with an array of musical talents, including Zed Bias, Andy Jay & S-Tee and Hil St Soul’s producer, but to-date Charlene is best-known for her critically acclaimed single “Second Nature” of the compilation album Soul Independence.

She is also one of the original members of the band Tygerstyle which was formed in her university years. In this playful soul union she played in revered establishments such as Zanzibar and the Magnet and began her musical journey.

To date this journey has brought her onto stage with established artists such as Honey La Rochelle, Elisha La Verne, and Kendra Cash, enabled her to record live sessions for Radio1Xtra, and has seen the release of singles “Spiralling” and “It’s Still You”.

It is testament to her playful and witty nature that promoters and high-profile producers from the UK and across the pond keep working with her time and time again. She is a difficult entity to pass by, with a strong sense of style, an engaging stage presence and lyrical prowess all wrapped up in a positive and polite attitude.

It is this very energy that enabled a ‘crowd member’ to end up on stage with Conya Doss at the Jazz Café, Camden in 2011 and leave both the crowd and Ms Doss speechless! You cannot watch Charlene and stand still. Her talents go beyond seamless vocals as she certainly knows how to move, making sure that all eyes follow suit.

Charlene – Second Nature (Live)

1384279_621062424583203_1725116569_nCharlene’s lyrical aptitude demonstrates an insightful and emotionally sophisticated female living in a modern, urban world. But despite the concrete surroundings in which many of her tales are told, she can certainly take you to a higher place with her vocals.

She doesn’t rely on vocal gymnastics to keep you captivated. Instead, it is her rich, earthy tone that encapsulates a vulnerable yet versatile voice which makes this multifaceted vocalist someone to look out for.

If the purpose of music is to make you feel something, then the much anticipated debut album from this London born singer-songwriter with Nigerian heritage does that and then some!

What you can expect…

1294558_10153404355550651_1904607072_oGood Day’ is an honest album with conversational lyrics; each song tells a story. The range of songs allows you to tap into your emotions through the instrumentation and lyrical content. The songs capture the expressed sentiments with rare ease.

Everyone has their “go-to” song or their theme tune for when they feel a certain way and ‘Good Day’ is full of songs that serve that very purpose. ‘Good Day’ doesn’t fit neatly into a genre; it has hints of Neo Soul, R’n’B, Funk and Bossa Nova.

For that reason, it’s an album that you’ll want to listen to over and over and over again. Charlene’s debut album ‘Good Day’ was released on Saturday 28th September

Charlene performing at MCX Showcase