Breezy_Malone_bannerBreezy Malone is jazzy neo soul/r&b singer/songwriter/model and actress

1273150_10151634176671194_1935000675_oThe flagship songstress of the Soulful Child Records family, Breezy Malone, despite her small frame, has a very special big and mesmerizing voice. With her wide range and superior vocal skills, Breezy is a songstress that can’t be locked into one genre.

Outside of being a superior songwriter and arranger, Breezy is also a model and actress who has starred in a number of critically acclaimed independent films.

Her debut EP, “Starts With Love” is slated for an early January 2014 release.

Heart On My Sleeve – Breezy Malone (Extended Version)

1391731_10151720380846194_2018953933_nWe had a chance to sit down and talk with Breezy about her singing career, and her relationship with Soulful Child Records.

Q. When did you begin singing, and at what point did you realize, this is my calling?

I think when I first started being recognized for my unique voice, and when people reached out for me to be featured on their songs…that was when I truly realized this is what I am meant to do.

Q. A lot of your songs deal with betrayal, hurt, and heartbreak. Is music one of the outlets you use to purge yourself from the emotional pain of some of your own personal love tragedies?

Absolutely. I’ve used my music to get through some of the hardest and toughest situations I’ve encountered, and with that I’ve also ended up helping others get through some things. I write from my own experiences as well as my friend’s experiences.

Breezy Malone – The Moment (Official Music Video)

DSC_1022Q. For those who have never heard your music, explain your sound in five words:

The 5s: Smooth, Silky, Soulful, Seductive, Sensual.

Q. Where did the name Breezy come from? Is there a story behind that name?

Honestly, I picked it up during my very short lived modeling career. Photographers would always say I was very easy to work with. Shooting me was a “Breeze” or my personality was a “breath of fresh air.” Eventually it just stuck, and I started being called “Breeze,” but I decided “Breezy” was more feminine.

Q. How did you meet up with Soulful Child Records, and so far how has the experience been working with them?

They actually got in touch with me on SoundCloud. They heard my stuff and said that they were looking for a female artist, and at the time I was kind of on a musical hiatus to focus on my acting, but after hearing their tracks I knew I had to give it a chance. The experience has been amazing! A match made in musical heaven for sure!

“72 hour hold” (1 of 3) -Breezy Malone

image7Q. What can we expect next from Breezy Malone?

You can expect lots and lots of amazing music beautifully created with love!

Breezy Malone is currently riding high on the charts with her smash single, “Love Face.” I am currently in the studio finishing up my debut EP, “Starts With Love” which is scheduled to be released in early January 2014.

Breezy Malone – Love Face.


Breezy Malone
Love Face

Breezy Malone EP Release Party


Breezy Malone
Charm Love: Vol. 1


Breezy Malone
The Purple Prelude

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