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DD NRTA 2Debra Debs describes her music as a blend of “Neosoulful-Jazzy-RnB-Afrosoul things”.

Her live music performances are backed by 6 talented, groovy musicians and contain a set so strong you would think she was Jill Scott‘s little sister. And she owns a Degree in Popular Music and a Masters in Business.

So what makes Debra Debs? The talented London-Based UK Soul singer/song-writer owes her early music days to her mother’s Jazz collection and the Missionary boarding school for girls she attended in her formative years.

Here she sang tenor in both a choir and girl band and honed her vocal ability. There is no mistaking her musical influences: Jill Scott, Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Floetry, R.Kelly, Mary J Blige and many other greats.

Debra Debs – Awake With You [Acoustic Sessions Vol 1]

DD Library1Infused with 90’s RnB, Jazz, Gospel and African Rhythms, her music tends to impart either socio-conscious messages or poetic enchantments for those with a weakness for describing seduction.

Having strayed from music to settle in other areas of life, in the past 3 years Debra has returned to support 90’s RnB group NEXT, performed at several sold out venues (including the prestigious Royal Opera House) and made ‘Ones to Watch list’ at the Urban Music Awards as well as performing at the 2013 ceremony.

In the early summer of 2013 she released the official video for Africa (Higher Higher) that encourages growth and development through a poignant tale of corruption.

Airing on local and international TV stations, the video has to this date garnered over 1 million Youtube views and truly displays Debra Deb’s political soul in all of its glory.

Africa Higher Higher – by Debra Debs ft P Jericho

After releasing her 2011 WHUMAN EP to rave reviews, her new album Life Cycles presents a fresh, new sound that is not just for the connoisseurs; it is an album for those with a penchant for all sounds Soulful.

Debra Debs Acoustic Sessions – ‘Blew Your Mind’


Debra Debs
Life Cycle

Debra Debs – Fizzy Lemonade LIVE on BBC Radio London 94.9

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